Lustworthy Fonts Made of Win!

Lustworthy Fonts
I've made no secret that I have a great love for graphic design, fonts, and the FREE site PicMonkey; which makes even the novice dabbler feel like their creations are Made of WIN! As Joyce Valenza said in a recent blog post "my love for PicMonkey, in general, is so great that a premium subscription is critical!"
But you don't have to have a Royale subscription (but it's worth it!)  to get lustworthy fonts, see!? Here are 10 FREE fonts that are super cool!
And here are 10 Royale fonts that are nom nom delicious! You can also find some of these fonts on Dafont and 1001 Free Fonts! How do you find them to download them to your lappie? Just Google the name of the font + FREE + MAC (or Win)  - and Bazinga! Lustworthy Fonts!

Design With Style 
& Pimp Up Your Blog Posts
The coolest new thing they offer is the ability to create from a blank canvas and a new design feature where there are pre-set sizes! Even a Facebook Cover [wrinkles nose & makes a face] Don't make me talk about our breakup!
If you're a blogger, a header graphic is very important! Whether you choose a square or rectangle, every blog post should at least start with a coordinated graphic. When people Tweet, Scoop, or Pin your blog post - that graphic will be the one that represents it with flair! See the example to the left!  How should you do this? Use the power of PicMonkey or use a Flickr Creative Commons photo (Just always give attribution!) - this will make your blog posts pop!
Honestly, any blog that’s has coordinated, meaningful, helpful, or cool pics is always one that I’ll read! I know I go over the top with graphics - that's my addiction, ok? But one related picture is a great thing!
For more bloggy tips, check out my post Just Blog It! Blogging Tips & Ideas
Quick Blog Link Tip: 
Every link you add to your blog, be sure to check off for the link to open in a new window. That way, your readers won't get distracted or lost and can always come back to your post!

More Lusty Gorgeous Fun FREE Fonts!
Number of times the word Lust or lustworthy was used in this post = 8! \\FTW!//


  1. I have been a wee bit behind on blog reading, but I LOVE this post! I cringe when I see people using Comic Sans.

  2. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this post. I haven't applied these design strategies to my blog entries yet, but the font advice alone is definitely helping me spice up my library displays. Thanks!

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