NPR Loves Reading, Teens, & Neil Gaiman!

I'm a shameless NPR fan! In fact, I just spent about 3 hours driving home from #MASL11, #MSEA11, & Bethany Beach today laughing along with Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me & the Prairie Home Companion. I was also honored & gobsmacked to be interviewed by Bob Edwards last year! SQUEE!) /boasting So, when I got the below astounding tweet this afternoon from NPR rock star Michele Norris alerting me to a VERY AWESOME new NPR bookclub - I put my planed Sunday blog post on the back burner and started writing this!

Neil Gaiman Geeky Uber Cool & Oh So Generous! first Neil Gaiman proves his geek street cred by pairing up with Dr. Who and now he's combining his superpowers with that of NPR, All Things Considered, & Michele Norris to give our kids....ages 9-14 a Back-seat Book Club of their very own! So teens listen up!
"Finally, NPR For YOU! For all those kids in the back seat who are fed a steady diet of NPR news, here's a book club just for you! Read along with us and send us questions you have for the authors. We're asking young people and their parents to join us in reading a special book each month. We also want young readers to join in the conversation with that book's author. We want to know what you think about the book. And most important, we want to give authors a chance to answer your questions. This is a great way for All Things Considered to celebrate kids' books and to provide a special treat for all those youngsters..." & Librarians, too!
The first book of the book club is Neil Gaiman's wonderfully creepy book The Graveyard Book. (You can hear Gaiman read the whole book here.) He's also going to be launching this new book club on guessed it, HALLOWEEN! Tune into All Things Considered to hear Neil Gaiman answer questions that kids can submit! Tell your students about this, maybe create some questions together & let's encourage kids to keep a book (or iPad, Kindle, or Nook!) in the backseat of their car, kitchen, nightstand, and backpack! what's better than listening to Neil Gaiman reading a book? Having Neil Gaiman on NPR & getting kids passionately hooked on life-long reading! Thank you NPR, Michele Norris and Neil Gaiman! You rock!
Second life photos taken in Ceejay Writer's car at Java Jive in Seraph City - In the top photo Capt. Red Llewellyn is wearing Terry Lightfoot's Winter Waltz gown from her amazing shop To-A-T Designs.... and is holding a book & a lorngette from Wardrobe Trunk


  1. I only wish they hadn't said it was just for kids up to 14, or I'd promote it to my high school students. I loved The Graveyard Book, and think it's also a good read for HS. In fact, I did a posting on my HS blog ( yesterday encouraging my students to listen to Neil Gaiman read the book. What a treat - a great story read by an author who's also a great reader!

  2. What -- no comments? How can this be? I'm certainly VERY impressed that you were interviewed by Bob Edwards! Congratulations.

  3. Hey Jane!! Thank you so much for the comment, yeah..The Graveyard Book is great IMHO for ages 10-Adult! Loves it! & your blog!
    Floyd, Thank you so much for the comment! I was very honored to meet Mr. Bob Edwards..he was so smart, kind, & cool! ~G$

  4. My 5th/6th graders love his book, good for him and NPR!!!


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