Melvil Dewey: International Library Hip Hop Superstar

Melvil Dewey! Kablam! International Library Hip Hop Superstar! That's right, in Winston Salem where I was honored to be keynoting at the amazing North Carolina School Library Media (NCSLMA11) conference this past weekend I got to meet him! AND WOW! This guy is the real deal! Sporting a blingtastic gold & diamond encrusted library card, glasses, magic hoodie, & a rhyming dictionary this self-proclaimed Story Yeller can write some mad library & literacy rhymes! Check check check it out! His YouTube vid has gotten over half a MILLION hits!

Amazing! Who is this guy? From the bio on his website:
"Melvil Dewey teaches children the importance of libraries in our communities (and schools!), advocates reading and introduces basic library skills. His first single, The Dewey Decimal Rap, has over half a million hits on YouTube and is being distributed worldwide by McGraw-Hill in 2012. Meanwhile, two of his music videos have been deemed by The Huffington Post as two of the nine funniest library videos ever. Complete with book turntables, a rapping book drop and golden library cards, this high-energy hip hop artist empowers children to speak up for their library and encourages them to become lifelong readers."

Hey Flocbulary!...I'm lookin at you darlings...why not get together with this guy and add his library rhymes to the amazing topics you now offer on your site that I blogged about last post? Just sayin. This. Dude. Rocks.
His latest CD "Deweylicious" has dropped "Containing 15 tracks of superfly library hip hop songs for kids, Melvil’s debut album advocates reading, teaches the importance of libraries in our communities, and introduces children to basic library skills such as using the Dewey Decimal System. An album like this one has been long overdue." Thanks to my dear BFF Jennifer LaGarde, Library Girl -- I got my own CD....AUTOGRAPHED!!! (don't be jealous!)
Melvil Dewey’s debut album DEWEYLICIOUS! Library Hip Hop is now available to purchase on iTunes. Related to this Melvile's video Welcome to the Library made the Huffington Posts' Librarians Go Gaga: 9 Of The Funniest Library Videos Ever
Personal Appearances!
I've seen the magic of a live Melvil Dewey show and it's Electrifying! From kids, teens, to grownups Scooter's style and charm is hard to resist! Invite Melvil Dewey to visit YOUR School or library & spread his brilliant Hip Hop lyrics, rhymes & amazing energy to your peeps! You won't be sorry & you'll be singing his rhymes!

Credits & Resources:
Top photo: by Paul Stephen from the article: A kids' performer turned Internet hip-hop star just might save libraries
Second photo: from the website
Third photo: CD cover available online
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  1. My students love this guy. Thanks for posting about him!

  2. This guy is ridiculous... but in a very good sort of way. "597.3 Sharks." Hilarious! Though I'm a little bit afraid to imagine a 15 song album? Very creative to say the least.

  3. AISB Lib
    YAY! You're very welcome!

    I have the 15 song very afraid! of AWESOMENESS! Even better than the album is the guy himself in a live show! Scooter - Brings it!

  4. My elementary library students love this guy!!! My 3rd and 4th graders memorized his song, great stuff! Rock on dude!!!


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