Tweeting Ulysses-Eyepatch Required!

I have great friends! Even people I don't get to see all the time or have met only once - I'm richer for having known them! My PLN is the same - richer for (virtually) knowing them... Sarah Koski, a bright, bubbly member of our ISTE staff from our Eugene OR ISTE office - even though she's working hard on the upcoming ISTE conference sent me this from The Daily Good - a really cool site with quirky (love!) news items that is of course blocked in my district!
"So you want to read James Joyce's famously impenetrable modernist masterpiece Ulysses, but you can't seem to take your eyes off the Internet? We've got the solution to your problems. This year, for Bloomsday, an annual celebration of Joyce and Ulysses, there's an effort underway to recast the novel and publish it in its entirety in a series of tweets. The experiment, called "Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011," will use volunteers, who will each take a section of the book (it's been divided into 96 parts), and distill it into four to six tweets that will go out on the @11ysses account. In this way, the entire book, or a crowd-interpreted version of it, will be broadcast, 140 characters at a time, on June 16, starting at 8:00 a.m. Dublin time. (of course!) It looked like the "Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011" organizers were struggling to find enough volunteers to pull it off. A recent publicity blitz, including a post in The New York Times, may have solved that problem, but there are still a few days to get involved if you want." Here's how. Oh and Eyepatch Optional!
Thanks Sarah!!!
Classroom Classic Connections!
Now think of the classroom implications of this! Think of how cool this would be for students to take chapters...or parts of chapters of ponderous novels and using the Character Counter I talked about a few weeks ago, boil down classroom or classics for other students!

Write your Review in FRONT OF the URL & Emoticon
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Cut out words that are unnecessary - re-word, re-think, re-write, re-mix, & be creative! Hints: use "&" rather than the word AND, dashes as breaks, but try NOT to write in leet speak. Like "4sqore &7yrs ago" OR.....should We? Hmmmm That's a conversation for you and your teacher!


Joyce's Ulysses set for Twitter translation

Joyce Meets Twitter: Boiling Down 'Ulysses'

Joyce Flickr Creative Commons photo By: Max Braun


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