Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, & Zombies

It's that time of year again! Time to beg, cajole, tease, torture (audibly), and plead to get our Library Media materials back. With 27% of our students on free & reduced lunch I know that we have a large group of kids that probably can't pay for their lost books...and I've made peace with the fact that I'm never gonna get ALL my books, digital playaways, & CD's back. I shoot for a loss of 30 a year. Sometimes it's more - sometimes it's less. And, That's OK! That's the cost of doing business. Some of my kids might not return a book because they LOVE it and they can't buy it to keep for their personal libraries. So, if that could possibly EVER be the case I only push so far.
BUT... I do everything I can to get those materials back because though I'm understanding, I'm still trying to teach responsibility, respect for property, and accountability! That's why I have lots of creative ways to get our books back. And yes, I also make 80 or so phone calls every year - to every number I have of moms, dads, aunties, grandmas, whoever is our primary caretaker to get that super hero help from our awesome grownups - some of whom don't even know that their kid has an overdue book! Muuwaaa! I'm gonna share the videos & Blabberize animations that we've made for this time of year for the last few years. The above video was mad with Blabberize with Guest Zombie voice of 6th grader the Cool Master Z Ricky! Funny how these videos are also a snapshot of pop culture - what's funny, hip, groanworthy, despised, or basic fodder for parody a the time - therefore their shelf life may vary! PS. Zombies Are ALWAYS in Style! (see end of post for more brains!)

Last year we focused on our buddy Justin Bieber...and funny, one of my classroom teachers complained to my principal that they thought the video defamed Canada! What the what!? I LOVE CANADA! (esp. my Saskatoon peeps! Holla!) You can ask anyone aboot that! ;-)

Twilight's Bella & Edward have also been the object of our parody! Which I blogged about more last year and about how Bella is a typical MARY SUE trope fan fiction wannabe!

And in 2003 a very talented special group of MHMS filmakers Inuksuk Studios & I created this iMovie video called Bookfellas. We wrote the script thinking about of course Goodfellas and we were inspired by the music of a certain Guy Ritchie film. The quality is so, so,...a little jerky..but still the AWEsome comes through! That's their graduation pic in 2007 -- I'm still so proud of these kids & they even come back & visit!!
PS. Inuksuk is a "stone landmark or cairn built by humans, used by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America." Where did they come up with it? It was a nonfiction book on display in the library that was near their editing Macintosh. It also sounds funny.. as in heh heh "you said suk" heh heh. You know I'll NEVER be able to weed that book! I know, right!?
Video Hosting
I load my videos of course on my YouTube channel, but because the YouTubes is blocked in my school and if they're under 90 seconds I host them on the Flickrs, and if they're longer I also upload them on TeacherTube. But honestly? Embedding on TeacherTube has been sketchy lately for example, it seems like every video I've ever loaded there- even years ago are only a month old! WTHeck? Also irksome about TT is that Vids I've put on my wiki from TT can't be played sometimes. Sheesh. Annoying. Always fighting the filter and dodging the locked net monster, ninja's good to have the same vid in lots of different places! ZAP! Where do YOU host your videos? I'd love to hear from you in the comments with other video hosting suggestions! Thanks!
Want to learn how to Blabberize? Check out my earlier post with Comic Tutorial and Wikipage!
Search This Blog for Directions
Oh and darlings? Not to sound irksome myself...can I make a request? Before emailing or tweeting me asking for directions on how I do some of the stuffs I do (like Blabberize) can you please search this blog first? I don't wanna be repetitive and re-post directions & comic tutorials over and over. How meh-worthy would THAT be, right?

And though it's not Halloween yet...It's ALWAYS a good idea to be prepared for the oncoming Zombie horde! Of course I have a Zombie Survival plan....don't you!?

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Rebecca: Screenshot from Video
Zombie & Zombie Puppet:


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