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A few weeks ago I blogged about the AMAZING Fakebook Powerpoint Nicholas Provanzano created in PPT & shared on Slideshare. I even purchased the Discovery Teacher set of Farcebook blank posters & fictional characters examples that I mentioned in the blog - SWEET!

We laminated the blank posters so that kids could write on them with dry-erase markers or yes, overhead pens [gasp!]... There are times in our school (like right now) where getting into the iMacLab or using the MacBook mobile labs is difficult due to standardized & computerized testing. These high engagement low tech alternatives are GREAT!
But I wanted MORE! So, I re-imagined and re-worked the framework, changed the name to Fakebook, changed some of the text & wording.

Created in ComicLife in I exported the image as a .jpeg and inserted into a MS Word doc. You'll need LEGAL SIZE paper to print it but I think it looks real cool! I showed it around to my super cool teachers & they liked it!
In a few weeks Mrs. Cullison's & Miss Buerger's 7th grade English classes are coming in to the library to do Mythology research & we're gonna have the kids create Fakebook pages for their chosen gods or goddesses!
Fakebook Wall Entry: Page - Apollo's Page
Aphrodite wrote on Tuesday at 3:20am
"Oh Apollo, you're so talented..I love how you play your lyre but boyee why do you have to play so hard to get? I know you can see into the future so can't you see I'm tired of Ares? I'll be at Delphi tomorrow - we need to talk! Bloop!"

Visit The Daring Librarian's Steam Powered Wikipage to download! Yes, this is old school draw, cut, paste....with GLUE kinda stuffs but you know... sometimes you need an old skool alternative! Sometimes the network goes down, or you need a cool sub plan...whatevs, I LOVES it! What do you think?

If you already have ComicLife I included the Comicdoc version for you that you're welcome to tweak to your heart's content - It's Creative Commons so just keep the attribution please!

Oh...and why Well, being of Welsh & Celtic descent - I'm a tried and true hardcore BBC America, Torchwood & Dr. Who loving, Brit-ophile, & delightfully pretentious git, OR any excuse to write "favourite!"
UPDATED! Page two! (also on wiki!)
Fakebook project page2
View more documents from gwyneth jones

Just gotta have an online version? Try this!


  1. This is spectacular. We did a similar project using organs for science. It was hilarious when students listed friends for the digestive system. That's all I'll say about that. The students loved it, but your template is better. Thanks for sharing. You're awesome!

  2. Gwyneth, I heard an interesting presentation at South by Southwest Interactive last week on using a combination of FB and Twitter to tell a narrative.

    They suggested creating "hiding" spots or gaps in the information where the reader would have to delve more to figure it out, because then you could advance the story more.

    So that leads me to thinking about your assignment or one like it, where students could create these pages, but then also have a "friend" list that included other students gods in the class. And each create back stories or status updates that combined the different students' characters.

    More complexity, but I think it would add the element of "socialness" that doing it online would have.

    Thanks for sharing all your hard work and creativity!

  3. Eliterate librarian--

    I LOVE that idea! How creative!

  4. My son's French teacher had the class make "Fakebook" pages this week. They are hanging in the hallway so everyone can check out each others status - en Francais.
    Cool idea!

  5. I used the fakebook from classtools with my 7th graders and they loved it. I had them save it to our student common files, not to the website, but overall, I was really pleased with the work. This was my independent reading assignment for the biography books they read last month.

  6. I was just looking for something for my kids (also studying gods and goddesses) to do that was both tech and low tech at the same time! This idea will work perfectly! Thanks so much for the templates!


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