ISTE Membership Treasure Hunt

Arrr Shiver Me Timbers, Matey!...It's Capt. Red here to tell you about how you can use your ISTE membership to search for clues, treasure, & come away with some brilliant tech booty!
'X' marks the spot: ISTE is half way through Member Appreciation Month, and you could win an iPod nano or a Kindle Wi-Fi!
ISTE still has some great scavenger hunt prizes remaining, including the iPad grand prize. Explore the site to find the answers to only 10 EASY questions, fill out the form, click submit, and you could win amazing loot! Begin your adventure at or click the banner above!

A wealth of free webinars await you:
Saber Slashworthy Savings! ISTE has cut their book prices for members—40% off all month!

Don’t forget the limitless treasures that come with membership: Learning & Leading with Technology magazine, more than 20 special interest groups (SIGs), books, webinars, podcasts, and professional development tools!

Keep enjoying your Member Appreciation Month activities and exploring all ISTE has to offer. Go to to make sure you are not missing out on these amazing treasures.

How do you know if you're are a Pirate?
You just ARrrrr!

Join ISTE and the Treasre Hunt today!
See you in Philly for ISTE11!

Adapted from Jessica Medaille - Senior Director of Membership Development
Photos featuring Ben Cherry famous Blackbeard re-enactor at the Virginia Blackbeard Festival and yours truly Capt. Red aka Gwyneth -- any excuse to bring out the historic reactment pics! Next they'll be some 50 BC Iron-Age BC Celt, English Civil War, & SCA stuff - heh heh #imanerd


  1. I finally joined ISTE this fall after intending to forever, and just did the scavenger hunt last night. Thanks for the inspiration, Gwyneth. Love the pirate photos. :-) Now, if I only could pull off going to the conference!


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