Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ISTE Membership Treasure Hunt

Arrr Shiver Me Timbers, Matey!...It's Capt. Red here to tell you about how you can use your ISTE membership to search for clues, treasure, & come away with some brilliant tech booty!
'X' marks the spot: ISTE is half way through Member Appreciation Month, and you could win an iPod nano or a Kindle Wi-Fi!
ISTE still has some great scavenger hunt prizes remaining, including the iPad grand prize. Explore the site to find the answers to only 10 EASY questions, fill out the form, click submit, and you could win amazing loot! Begin your adventure at iste.com/memberappreciation or click the banner above!

A wealth of free webinars await you:
Saber Slashworthy Savings! ISTE has cut their book prices for members—40% off all month!

Don’t forget the limitless treasures that come with membership: Learning & Leading with Technology magazine, more than 20 special interest groups (SIGs), books, webinars, podcasts, and professional development tools!

Keep enjoying your Member Appreciation Month activities and exploring all ISTE has to offer. Go to iste.com/memberappreciation to make sure you are not missing out on these amazing treasures.

How do you know if you're are a Pirate?
You just ARrrrr!

Join ISTE and the Treasre Hunt today!
See you in Philly for ISTE11!

Adapted from Jessica Medaille - Senior Director of Membership Development
Photos featuring Ben Cherry famous Blackbeard re-enactor at the Virginia Blackbeard Festival and yours truly Capt. Red aka Gwyneth -- any excuse to bring out the historic reactment pics! Next they'll be some 50 BC Iron-Age BC Celt, English Civil War, & SCA stuff - heh heh #imanerd

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Digital Remix Mash-Up Culture Explained

A quick cool audio-visual way to explain to other educators (or kids!) the Digital Remix Mash-Up Culture today is to show clips of these music videos.
"Recent technological developments have created a wave of user-generated content in which pre-existing sounds and images are appropriated, reshaped, and shared with unprecedented ease." Natalie Bennett
But to better show this concept: I start with the below original music video Dynamite by British performer Taio Cruz - Not totally appropriate for middle schoolers to show the whole video as it's pretty hoochie. This international phenom has had 74,339,619 hits on YouTube. Catchy song...trite video.

Then something special happened. From a small Canadian town London Ontario comes this one talented guy Mike Tompkins with a studio in his house, a talented mouth, and he creates this homage A Capella remix of the song that goes absolutely viral with 5,665,335 hits on YouTube! Brilliant! Stay for the whole video where he explains exactly HOW he does it!

Then...of course, a re-mix tragedy happened. Or viral magic? Hmmm....I guess you know you're a hit when the Today Show gets wind of it and asks Mike to come in and do their own tortured painful mash up version (but love you AnnC!) Nooo Meridith nooo! Awkward!

Then just when you thought it was done...or done to death (damn you Meredith!)...Happiness in the form of a Jewish A Capella group from Yeshiva University in New York - named the Maccabeats - They re-mixed this song and also helped teach my students re-mix culture AND diversity with their YouTube hit with 4,617,718 views ...Candlelight! Brilliant!

Playing this video for our school got MY MHTV kids to dancing! Reaching quickly for our MHTV flip cam we recorded this video to send to the Maccabeats as a thank you! We've gotten over 700 hits Uri even sent us a msg! Woohoo!

So a quick video journey shows how one inspiration can spark a lot of creation! Transformative original creativity...parody...and that's mix up mash up digital remix culture of our kids today! Let's foster that creativity and inspire kids to create digital products that demonstrate learning mastery!

WAIT! What? You wanna see more?

Ok...Watch this! via @hrheingold

Do you have any great examples of the Remix Culture out there? Please leave a comment - What did I miss? So we can all share in this! See? We're gonna get our Crowdsource on!
My dear readers....You Rock!

Fair Use: Remix Culture, Mashups, and Copyright - a Lesson for Students
Digital Sampling and Remix Culture: Creativity or Criminality?
Remix Culture Vs. Copyright Protection: What's Best for Dance?

Mike Tompkins photo added by Felicia Ailien to "Mike Tompkins"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

METC: Motivate, Engage, Transform, & Connect and Trogdor, Too!

The METC_CSD conference is right around the corner -and I'm so excited & honored to have been invited to be a Featured Speaker there! I'm presenting 5 times - if you go to the METC conference website and do a search for "Gwyneth" you'll find my trouble making self having a great time starting some provocative conversations around some of my favourite topics!
Related to that: Inspired by the Mighty Little Librarian Tiff Presents I started a new wiki! The Daring Librarian Presents! So that when I present or speak at an event I can link to all the resources & information in one place! YAY! Up to now I've just blogged about it...embedding stuff here - usually gathered from various publications like my Ed Tech Wiki, Flickr, or Slideshare which was fine but it just didn't seem as cohesive as having it all on one easy to follow wiki.

Ed Tech Old Skool Stylz
So this is how my strange brain works....With that new wikipage I'm tempted to go "back in time" (yes, I just had a song flashback of Huey Lewis - damn you catchy movie tracks!) and put up resources & web pages from some of my "classic" presentations from back in the day - (mostly for $h*ts & giggles sakes!) These old webpages keep me humble but still give me cool street cred with the interweb geeks!
Tapped into Teacher Professional Development: an Online Community of Practice - 2003 -
Like..ok, my first taste of a Virtual World & an education PLN was at TappedIn! Est in 1995 It was (is!) a brilliant virtual campus like setting where I could have a virtual office, leave messages on the whiteboard, & gather my JHU Grad students together for online education! (OoohAhh very cutting edge in '03!) People like Bernie Dodge gave FREE monthly chats on various ed tech topics & you could request & download a transcript of the chats (so I could make sure my students a. attended b. asked good questions or added great ideas!) Brillaint! This amazing resource lives on - in spite of creations like Second Life because there are still areas around the world that still have dialup, can't support such intensive graphics but still desire & hunger for professional connections. ISTE SIGMS is a big supporter & BJ Berkquist is a true pioneer in online learning! Connect: @
Of course all of these presentations can be found on my Curriculum Vitae going back to 1996 - but it's so much more fun & graphical to have them on a wiki!
Doing Backflips over Google For Yahooligans:
-2004- An early Google App page when I touted the use of the now defunct Backflip, awesome early Google sites, & Yahooligans which used to be more teen than kid. (you'll really need to adjust the size of your browser window it was designed for a 640x480 screen!) Eep!
And yeah, my graphic design skillz have come a long way!
Forget the Java & the HTML - Easy Web Page Design with Netscape Navigator - 1999 - Finally, one of my oldest webpages was all about designing a quick web page using Netscape Composer. Really it was the thing back in the day! And....still hosted on Angelfire!

All this talk about Netscape & Yahoo reminds me of early days interweb sensations like Trogdor the Burninator and New Grounds! (Click on Trogdor pic to watch the full AWEsome animation!)

Early flash animation that just makes me go awwww! Go Consummate V's~
I also have a soft spot for the Viking Kittens

What old school style interweb sites or memes make you go awwww?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Calling All Daring Librarian Superheroes!

Shamelessly I will report on this - Why Shameless? (capitol S) Because, of course, this is the answer to my every fevered redheaded dream to be nominated for a special Superhero lunchbox! So just even reporting it makes me feel all squirmy & excited & dreaming of it! And of course if any of my dear gentle good readers think ...no..even I can't go that far! (let's try subliminal persuasion)

Librarian League of Superheros
I do fervently believe - like the Justice League - there are MANY Superhero Librarians out there! We are a Tribe! And some of them have even blogged about this exciting contest! I have been a superhero fan (Go Marvel & Stan Lee!) since I was a kid! And Beyond!
Who are Your Librarian Superheroes?
My Librarian Superheroes are part of the Big Red Machine ©iansinger ie: Joyce Valenza & Shannon Miller! Two librarians who are my compatriot at arms, my right and left hand chickies and perpetual inspirations....two librarians who invigorate their schools and connect with their communities. Yeah, like that. They're that cool. Zing!
Also, the superhero public librarian the ever Divine Digital Branch Manager, Chattahoochee Valley Libraries- Librarian By Day Bobbi Newman is an inspiration to me and a champion of Transliteracy (yeah, that rhymed!), the Amazing Canadian Velvety Stephen Abram - of Stephen's Lighthouse, let's not forget Jennifer LaGarde - Library Girl, and of course K-M The Librarian!
A Super Social Media Experiment!
To nominate your favourite librarian superhero - you must do so via the Facebook page! There you can see the transparent nomination process & get to know other super cool librarians, too!

The Deets: (totally stolen from Bobbi's blog!)

1. How to Enter the Contest:

1. Are You a Librarian Superhero (“Contest”) will begin on or around 8:00 am EST on Monday, January 31, 2011 and will end on or around 5:00 pm on Monday, February 28, 2011. All Contest times will be measured by the Sponsor’s computer system clock.

2. Gale/Cengage Learning (“Cengage Learning,” “Gale/Cengage Learning” or the “Sponsor”) is not responsible for miss-delivered, undelivered, illegible, incomplete or late entries, network outages, lack/loss of signal, untagged messages, or any other technological difficulties that may prevent submission.

3. To participate:

  • Visit the Are You a Librarian Superhero Facebook Web page www.gale.com/superhero
  • Post your nomination for an outstanding librarian (each a “Nominee”) on our wall, including:
  • the Nominee’s name; where they work; and what makes them exceptional.
  • Include how this person makes a difference for the community and patrons, and how the library is improved because of their process or presence (each posting, an “Entry” and each participant posting a Nominee, an “Entrant”).

4. Multiple Entries will not increase the odds of winning.

5. Entries received after official end of the contest on the final day will not be accepted.

3. Selection of Winners

1. You need not be present at ALA’s Annual Meeting to win.

2. All Entries will be reviewed by a panel of Cengage Learning employees. Selection of 10 semi-finalists will be made, and presented to a panel consisting of Cengage Learning employees and several, independent librarians. (The actual identity of the semi-finalists will be withheld from the judges to maintain impartiality.)

3. Entrants who nominate a semi-finalist will be contacted via Facebook for complete contact information and a photo of the Nominee. Entrants and their Nominees who do not provide complete contact information and Nominees for whom a photo is not provided will be eliminated from the Contest and the Sponsor may replace such Nominees as semi-finalists, in its sole discretion.

4. Judging Criteria (the following is an approximation and while the judges will seek to apply the following criteria as closely as practicable, winners are chosen in the judges’ sole discretion based on their judgment):

1. 20% – Showing leadership skills to forward the cause of the library, its patrons and the community.

2. 20% – Embracing new technologies to keep the library accessible and relevant to users.

3. 20% – Creating an environment that supports learning and fun, exploration and personal expansion.

4. 20% – Exhibiting determination, enthusiasm and the quest for sharing knowledge beyond the reach of their peers.

5. 20% – Insisting on play, engagement and pushing the boundaries.

5. Four Nominee librarian winners will be selected, with their likeness being used to inspire a cartoon superhero, personifying the traits included in their nomination.

6. Winners will be notified via phone the week of March 21, 2011.

4. Prizes:

1. Winners will have a cartoon created in their likeness and printed on materials by Gale/Cengage Learning, including (but not limited to) a metal lunchbox!!!!!!! (with an approximate value of US$20), trading cards (with approximate value of US$300 and signage (of deminimus value).

For those still stuck on an island without Social Media guarded by sharks with laser beam helmets and can't get to Facebook you can email your submission here library.superhero@cengage.com ....but better yet, break free & escape from the locked net monster & dare to join this Facebook page!

As Bobbi said in her blog, there are more prizes these are just the coolest of the cool! Zap!

In Related Superhero news:

THE COLBERT REPORT Wags Finger at British Superman
"In his latest "Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger" segment featured on last night's episode of The Colbert Report, Colbert wagged said finger at Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming Superman film from Warner Bros., for casting British actor Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent. "Superman is American," remarked Colbert. "His name is Super Man, not Smashing Gent."

From there, the commentary quickly resembled something found recently on message board postings against the idea of a British Superman. "And let's remember," said Colbert, "his spaceship crash-landed in Smallville, Kansas, not Uppington-Upon-Tweed-Wee-Chestershire. For God's sake, the man gets his power from the sun. How can he be British? They don't have a sun."

Other remarks included comments about Superman flying up to rooftops to inspect chimneys, using his X-Ray Vision to examine what's in a Shepherd's Pie, and flying on the the right side of the road. Colbert's most cutting remarks came at the end when he advised British people to claim Batman supporting character Alfred Pennyworth if they wanted a superhero of their own. Said Colbert, "He's got a British accent and he does everything the rich American tells him to. That's something you can relate to." This was accompanied by a picture of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with former President George W. Bush." - Charles Skaggs

The full commentary can be found at the Colbert Nation site here.

Photo Credits:
Bobbi Newman Librarian by Day Flickr Group: Librarian Superheroes of the World and MySpace

Gale/Cengage - Press release

Joyce/Shannon photo by Gwyneth Jones

K-M Librarian

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day Without Chemistry: Pirate Ninja Style!

---A Video from the American Chemical Society
Our MHTV top story today made me have to get a little shady -access my inner Pirate and bring out my secret Ninja side- all for a good cause. Here at Murray Hill Middle School we LOVE Science! So it did not come as any surprise that our interest was piqued today when we found this great story on Student News dot net - a press release about a hot new animated video celebrating International Year of Chemistry - and it took a bit of finagling to get it (if you're interested I'll give the lowdown after the story jump) - but do know dear students & readers we are determined to go that extra distance for Science!
CAVEAT: Never do ANYTHING like this without Admin support! I called my principal first - he readily gave his permission to assist a teacher with her instructional goals.  

"Imagine a day without cars, electric lights, TV, telephones, safe food, water, medicine, clothing, your house, and other things that make up modern life. Do it, and you are imagining a day without chemistry.
Aren't you glad you live in a world with chemistry? February 1st is the kickoff of the 2011 International Year of Chemistry, so take some time this year to appreciate the importance of chemistry in your everyday life!" - by Adam Dylewski
Produced by the ACS Office of Public Affairs, Digital Services Unit
and the Younger Chemists Committee

Video Credit:
Concept and Direction by Adam Dylewski and Mick Hurrey, Ph.D.
Art Direction and Animation by Kirk Zamieroski
Sound Design by Adam Dylewski

Ms. Jones as a Pirate AND a Ninja for Science!
What it took to get to show this video to my kids and how I became more pirate than ninja today - for a good cause--- SCIENCE!

Like I said at EduCon (which was - AWEsome - more later!) Sometimes you have to be shady for a good cause!

You can't think OUT of the box if you're boxed in by filters & firewalls!

I went to the website American Chemistry Society webpage and got faced with the dreaded Locked NET Monster filter warning because the ACS decided to load their new video only on the YouTubes. DOH! So....give up? NEVER!
  • I used my Verizon Android Fascinate phone's 3G hotspot & bypassed our firewall to access YouTube to get the American Chemistry Society video! BAM!
  • Copy & pasted the URL to the video & opened keepvid.com to download BloopBloop!
  • Downloaded it as a medium quality .MP4 Zing!
  • Uploaded the video to my Flickr account - making sure to leave a comment on the ACS's YouTube account saying so & giving full attribution (of course!) Pow!
NOW teachers or schools wanting to show this cool video celebrating the International Year of Chemistry can do so (see embed code on my flickr under SHARE) --- never minding being blocked by the fliters - the message is the thing!

Comment I left for them on the YouTubes vid:
LOVE this! .....BUT....96.8% of schools have YouTube blocked...so, I couldn't show it to my kids to day on our live MHTV show without being a bit of a pirate. I used Keepvid dot com to download it - show my kids then upload it to Flickr to get the embed code for our MHMS Daring School Media blog...hope you don't mind!
the daring librarian
ps, i totally made up that 96.8% statistic...but like it's a LOT!
How to Be a Ninja!

How to use KeepVid Comic Tutorial to snag educational videos for the good of learning & instruction! (click comic for different size options - Creative Commons - FREE to download, use, share!)

Do NOT use this tactic to download the latest Justin Bieber video - that would be just.like.wrong.

PS. this is why I'm the DARING Librarian! Ka-Pow!

A Day Without Chemistry: Pirate Ninja Style!
Tags, Adam Dylewski, American Chemistry Society, chemistry, flickr, keepvid, science, youtube

Orig posted on the Daring MHMS Media Blog!


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