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This One iPhone Trick Has Transformed My Life

OK, that's a kind of a big statement. You may have heard of this, but I found this out right before Christmas and started this blog then...but, you know. Holidays. So....just in case you haven't heard about this, here it is.

The Space Bar Cursor Trick on the iPhone / iPad in iOS 12 is a great time saver for every iPhone or Apple user. 

You can press and hold (long press) the space bar on an iPhone / iPad to control the cursor as mouse pointer. You can easily move over to the exact spot where you want to edit the text.

How did I go years and years without knowing this iPhone keyboard trick? (I'm so tired the overused word of hack) Apparently, it's not exactly new but little known.  If you've ever felt the frustration of trying to move the cursor exactly where you want it when correcting (my increasingly less accurate -what's with that, too?) voice to text results tapping here and tapping there, when texting or writing an email on your iPhone, this little tip will make your day.  

I am an Apple Geek.
How could they keep this from me?!

I love my Apple products. I've been an Apple geek & fanatic since I learned how to create an Apple-Talk network of Apple IIe's & Apple G3's the first year I started teaching in 1992! Also, my first Ed Tech conference presentation was about integrating my new CD Rom & this thing called the Internet to a group research product centered around Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego! Sheesh.

(March 1996) Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego: A Fun Multimedia Research Unit for Grades 4-8. Featuring the Apple IIgs, GeoSafari, USA Atlas CD-ROM & the Internet.
MICCA - Maryland Instructional Computer Coordinators Association,
Baltimore, MD

Anyway, just had to share that with you friends. Hope it will help you out as much as it has for me! Did you already know about it? Do you have another great iOS tech tip to share? Hit me up in the comments, follow me on Twitter, & reach out! Thank you!

----OOOOH! UPDATE from a reader who sent me an email.  1/26

  "Also, I read your recent blog post, and did you know that when typing out an email address on an iPhone that you can long press the period key and you get options such as .org, .com, .net? It’s changed my life. Take care!"
 Jenny Piazza - Follow her amazing Instagram

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Ok, still reading? TMI time here....click away if you're not interested. It's all good. I'm super awkward being vulnerable. Human feelings kinda suck.

Thank you for sticking with me and reading my blog. It's been a hard start of the school year. I'll admit, the year anniversary of the murder of my friend has been rough. (for the whole sad story, scroll to the very bottom of this post)  Depression ain't no joke. And it seems like I don 't feel like writing or blogging much when I'm blue. Forgive me. But you'll notice I did NOT start with that apology at the top of the post because that's just pathetic. No one likes to see a string of lame apologies for not blogging at the start of every gosh darn post when landing on a blog.

I may be slightly depressed but I'm not pathetic. Read my rants about this topic on the post below.  But, in case you're wondering, or could figure out from my last 2 blog posts, I'm feeling a little better.

11 Reflective Blogging Tips & Ideas

You know what's great about having a professional Twitter & Instagram? You can just focus on the kids. (It should already be our focus, right?) but it's kinda comforting to hide behind the kids. Social Media shy? Take pics of your kids being awesome & post them. NO ONE IS MAKING you take selfies, you know! LOL Frankly, when I scan over a librarians or teachers social media and it's a lot of pics of themselves? Yeah, I roll my eyes and probably don't follow them. Turn the camera around girl & take pics of your kids, your classroom, your library, your school, your co-workers, your world. Not you. Oh sheesh, look...I just got preachy! Must be feeling better now. Well, fancy that. I usually only take pics of myself when a kid comes back to visit from High School or College or if a kid asks to take a selfie with me. It also happens at conferences, I get a little tongue tied about that. Instant, like Omgosh really?

I do know though, that the blue is likely to come back. Thanks for listening. You know, as I think of it, that might not be a bad blog post. But I usually try to sound more supportive & not so judgey. Tough love, baby. I can dish it out, and I can take it, but usually only in person or over a pint. It's best not to be so judgemental in writing. Though I swear some people could benefit from it. All those people still using Comic Sans. don't get me started! LOL I still would appreciate a few prayers now and then for me, our school, and Laura's parents.

Have a  great second half of the school year, friends!


  1. This was very helpful! Did you also know that if you just use your camera app on the iphone you can scan QR codes and it takes you right to the link?

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