IG Holiday Highlights & More!

Hello Blogosphere and Edu friends! Here are some of our recent IG Highlights from the Holidays, #makermondaycrafternoon, Winter Smash, #MHTVNews, and our MHMS Memory Book Cover artist winner!

WARNING: Because this post contains a LOT of Instagram embedded posts, it may take a bit longer to load.
At the very bottom of the page I have links to why having a professional School or Library or School Library Instagram is important.

Now, most of our kids love, I mean LOVE getting their pics taken for our Instagram. They often come up and ask me to take their pics on a special day, their birthday, or when they have a cool new pair of kicks. But some are a little shy. This young lady is is an example! But I showed these pics to her Mom, and she LOVED them and gave me permission to post! Hee hee hee. Don't worry, my sporty friend here is really super outgoing!
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Had a great time with a Speed Dating with Books activity with my 6th graders!

 Wishing You a Happy Holiday

We had a super fun time running the Winter Smash Photo Booth! A few celebrities joined us!
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Kids also had a fun time dressing up in our PhotoBooth costumes!
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Mr. Maurice looking cool!
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Ms. Gould and I were really proud of our set up with a roaring fire (YouTube Video), a "Mr. Microphone, and lots of cool tunes playing on our retro iPod!
This is a close up of our sweet set up!
Right before the winter break, I also visited my dear Librarian friend, and former student teacher, Ms. Danielle Du Puis at Hammond High School to support and join in with her amazing #Makerspace program she calls: #mondaycrafternoon  

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We created both an upcycled book ornament and a Book Page Treasure Box!
I met a couple of her awesome @hahsmedia kids there, like Zion on the right! He's also part of the @bestbuddieshahs !! group participating in #makermondaycrafternoon #celebratehcpss  PLEASE Swipe Right! To see all the pictures.  
Our #MHTVNews Crew being a little silly during the holidays & we LOVE that!
Every day our kiddos make a difference on MHTV News - sharing their own personalities!
And their smiles -- PLEASE Swipe ----> to see all the pics!
We're so proud of our MHMS 2018-1019 Memory Book Cover Artist Winner, Miss E!
And finally, the BEST part of the holiday or any season is getting notes & cards from kids. THESE are the BEST presents of all!
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These kinds of messages really mean SO much to me! To any teacher! Create a digital Happy folder and post these kind of pictures and notes to them so on a rainy or down day they can make you smile!
This kid was happy I bought a special book for him!
Finally finally, it's so lovely when I get a chance to meet people traveling & speaking about the Edu stuff I love and am passionate about. This kid is one of the coolest and this really just made my holiday, heck - my year! Thank you Madelyn & Mom Laura!

Why is having a professional School or School Library Instagram important? Read here! 

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I took a bit of a digital detox during the holidays and spent imporant time with my family, friends, and a some much loved books!  Ahh it was lovely! 

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