Smiling About Bitmoji Books

My favorite avatar creator Bitmoji, which I've been blogging about since 2015 (links to those posts below) has recently added a few NEW cartoons featuring books! But, as my Twitter & PA friend Ms. Kim Mento Tweeted, they were sadly dour faced! So, using Photoshop Elements, I pasted some open smiles on my faces. Whilst I was at it (any excuse to use the word whilst!) I added my much needed bangs, blonde highlights, changed my tennis shoe pops of color, and ummm a Harry Potter book or two!

To which I replied...
and then had to do my own graphic! Because. OCD.

Look what happens when I search my Bitmoji Chrome Extension for "book" 

Just click on the desired cartoon and go to SAVE AS - that way you can edit them in Photoshop Elements or your favorite photo editing software. 

So far, I don't think my beloved Picmonkey can do this. 
Or maybe I'm just faster with Photoshop.

LOOK! They added more!

Don't have the Bitmoji Avatar yet? I got you! Want to learn more? Here ya go!

Like Bitmoji? There's a Chrome Extension for That!

So you can turn this
into a more happy this!
and this
into a more usable, this!

 Ooops! Looks like I might need to clean up that bottom edge! But rather than fix it now, I'm going to leave it so you can see the Photoshop edges. 

PicMonkey: Still My Graphic Go-To

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As always, thank you for reading and have a great summer friends! 

Cheers dears!

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Ok....are you still reading? You know this is the part of my blog where I like to speak off the cuff and share some personal stuffs. I can always easily cut it out later, but I usually don't. So there! LOL

I do love this Bitmoji App on my phone and in my Chrome extension, but you would think that after years and years of blogging about them, they would at least LIKE one of my Tweets?  Or reply to one of them or reach out to me or give me a T-Shirt or some kind of SWAG to give out when I keynote or speak at EdTech conferences -- like wouldn't that be nice? Oh Sheesh! What do I have to do to get their attention?  So, Bitmoji if you're reading this, and I doubt you are, but IF you are-- can you hook a girl up!? My email addy is on the contact page.  Love you mean it. Don't make me stalk you!


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