FREE eBooks for Winter Break Reading

This is a really nice FREE offer from our friend Katie at Capstone!*

Tis the Reading Season! 
When I first heard this, I thought it was too good to be true! 
I thanked her vaguely** on Twitter (unless it was a secret just for my school district) but then I thought – could I possibly share it with everyone? Could I Tweet this out?

So, I called her office out of the blue to double check that I could share it with you, the world, and his wife – and she said YES! And it was great talking to her on the phone. You know, sometimes it's nice to have a conversation - rather than a Tweet, text, or email. Give it a try! Surprise someone out of the blue to say hi, ask a question, or give a compliment this holiday season or next year! Just throwing that out there.

Students (and your kids!) can choose FREE eBooks from a library of over 3,200 to download & read over the break***

From Mythology, Scary Stories, Fiction, to Graphic Novels – there’s more than enough interesting titles to choose. You can even access interactive books to read to your little siblings or to your pets! (They always deserve it!)

Middle school kiddos can filter by grade level.
Below there’s even a letter to for parents (in English & Spanish) or students AND Bonus: a printable bookmark with login & password.

* this was originally posted on my Daring School Library Edublog but I didn't want you to miss out if you only visit here!

** See my Tweet below

***Download FAST offer ends Jan 15th

Tis the Reading Season!

Download Interactive Bookmarks - It's not too late to email home to parents & kiddos! Belated Christmas Present?
Capstone Interactive eBook Bookmarks- winter break-18ejij3
Letter for parents
CI Home Letter-1lbxo5j
Letter for parents in Spanish!
CI Home Letter Spanish-1dvr000
Why not Tweet a Thank you to Katie & Capstone for this generous gift to all our reading families!? That would be Awesome! Please say you heard it from @GwynethJones the Daring Librarian! Maybe if we show our gratitude enough, we’ll get even more FREE trials! W00t! Who doesn’t like FREE?


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