Women's History Month TV Show Scripts

We celebrated Women's History Month at MHMS by creating a book display (naturally!) and daily feature news stories on our live MHTV show about famous and significant women in history! 

Pretty simple. Pretty effective. Happy to share! 

Here are the Google Doc scripts we wrote for this, feel free to copy and use but please keep the attribution and link back.  Thank you!


Please do not ask to be allowed to edit this Google Doc, please just make a copy. Thank you! 

Women’s History Month Book Display - Pull List

(much like me, this list is not perfect by any means)  

Non Fiction  
Women's suffrage : a primary source history of the women's rights movement in America - 305.42 ADA

Failure is impossible! : the history of American women's rights (2000) by Kendall, Martha E. Series: Nonfiction - 305.42 KEN  

The good, the bad, and the Barbie : a doll's history and her impact on us - 688.7 STO  

Take it to the hoop : 100 years of women's basketball (2003) 796.323 STE

Winning ways : a photohistory of American women in sports (1996) by Macy, Sue. 2 Available Add to List Shelf Location: Call Number Nonfiction - 796 MAC  

Outrageous women of the Middle Ages (1998) by Leon, Vicki - 920 LEO  

I am Malala : (2014) 921 YOU Gold rush women (1997) by Murphy, Claire Rudolf. Lexile Measure: - 971.9 MUR
Black women of the Old West (1995) by Katz, William Loren. - 978 KAT    

Encyclopedia of women's history in America. (1996) by Cullen-DuPont, Kathryn Reference Collection - REF 305.4 CUL  

Women of achievement in Maryland history (2002) by Stegman, Carolyn B Reference Collection - REF 920 STE    

Audacity (2015) by Crowder, Melanie. - F CRO  
Mare's war by Davis, Tanita S. - F DAV  
The clockwork scarab : a Stoker & Holmes novel (2013) F GLE   Save Save Save Save Save Save


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