Oh Baby, Please Don't Go!

It hurts when something you love dearly goes away. Remember, how I said you didn't have to MARRY New Technology - you can just date it and drop it if you don't get along?

Well,  sometimes your favorite new technology that you've developed strong feelings for, gone steady with, and kinda loved - just up and LEAVES you! Goes poof, outta the blue! Leaving you to pick up the digital pieces and find a new love & replacement. 

Dying on the Vine & Instagram Invention
For example, I just heard last week that Vine is going away - and I was all like what the heck!? Which then leaves me to wail plaintively, "Now what!?"  

I wasn't an avid Viner, but I LOVED the app for easy Vine Video Book Trailers, Persuasive ELA Reading Projects, Science Experiments, and snazzy, musically enhanced, Library and school culture promotion.
They're saying that Vine is going away because Instagram added Video a while back and because of the growing popularity of Snapchat and YouTube. Innovation & competition happens.

How Instagram Got a Video Facelift
Three years ago Instagram, added 15 second video, hoping to squash the 6 second looping Vine sensation.  Now Instagram video allows you to record up to 60 seconds, and in bursts, for Stop Action Animation (VERY IMPT!) but it doesn't have music. 

You can even grab the EMBED Code to slap videos up on your blog, wiki, or website! (That was something they added later that I really liked in Vine...[sniffs sadly] Poor Vine.)

Flipping over Flipagram!

Like music AND video? Have you met my new friend Flipagram, yet?  Flipagram is a FREE APP (with an in-app $1.99 purchase option to take away the watermark) that can use your photos and videos or take video through your phone and add cool filters AND current music of all kinds. It works very nicely with Instagram and you can cross post, too! AND you can also Embed.

How PicMonkey Dried My Tears!
So, what other websites have you loved only to be left stranded, alone, sad and sniffy? For me, that was Picnik! 

Thank goodness PicMonkey came my way! 

Picmonkey is really, IMHO, the BEST online photo editing, touch-up, enhancement, & digital creation tool that's out there! And...it's super Easy Peasy! (There are even YouTube videos on how to do everything!)

It's FREE but there are Royale features that are totally worth the upgrade! I mean, for a girl who is semi-addicted to digital design and Photoshop, Pickmonkey is my online (& APP, too!) faster go-to for all things gorgeous and graphic. 

Tasty templates and terrific tutorials! 
(Ahh! My Alliteration Addiciton Rears is Corny Head Yet Again! Muuwaaa!)

Projects like greeting cards, Facebook covers, Pinterest Squares, and more! 

So, sometimes your most beloved APP or site goes away and sure enough, you'll move on and find something better. Or, just get some Gelato, cue up Midsomer Murders, and get over it! 

Now, it's your turn!
Which APP or website did you love that left you hanging and listening to Taylor Swift songs? Which site left that never was replaced by better? (I'm thinking of you iGoogle!) Which site could go away and you would't give a tinkers darn? (I'm thinking of you FB!) Share your thoughts please in the comments! 

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  1. One platform that I hated to lose was Yahoo 360. Google Plus could go away today and I wouldn't miss a thing


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