10 Things to Think About Before You Post

Over the last six years we've made some great friends with the cool people at the website Flocabulary and we love what they've been creating lately with super engaging rap songs & videos tied in with the CCSS! (Common Core State Standards) We've been using their Week in Rap news feature in our MHTV school TV studio since they landed on the hip hop education scene in 2008! Murray Hill even earned a video shout out last year! W00t! (We were SO proud!) So, when I heard that they were teaming up with the awesome Common Sense Media people, to put out a music video about Digital Citizenship, - I was SO excited! Talk about wonder twin powers!
This video is good to use with both students and teachers about making good choices across all social media outets.
I've been on Twitter professionally now for 6 years, and I have an AMAZING & generous personal learning network of followers - so being careful, upbeat, positive and mindful of what I Tweet is important to me.  I don't use Facebook - we just never got along.  At school, we have been loving us some Vine Videos, since we experimented and created video book trailers last year (see previous post) and we've even just achieved 100,000 loops across all posts, too! This Flocabulary digital citizenship video (and the supplemental lessons and teacher resources) explores not about what kind of social media you use, but HOW you use it! The choices you make - what you share and how much you share. Brilliant!
I think you'll like the video - let me know in the comments!
Flocabulary also has amazing resources for teachers in an easy to navigate format! I really like Flocabulary - month by month for teaching ideas.
They are also very, very, responsive to teacher needs. I've called the office in NYC, talked with real people, and they're super nice!

Give it a chance, there's a whole school free trial where "teachers and administrators can take an extended test-drive with no obligation to purchase." You'll get:
  • Hundreds of educational hip-hop videos to engage, inspire and teach
  • A Common Core guide to help you meet your objectives
  • Research-based activities for enrichment, test prep and more
  • Unlimited access for all teachers and students, grades K-12
You can also get a single teacher account account with teacher access to all the goodies to use with your kids in the classroom, school library, or TV studio!  That's what I have!

Maybe someday I will win a whole school account - I've given them away at conferences but don't have one myself! LOL


  1. This article, Relevant, deserves our thanks. All of us need guidance on the use, benefits and challenges of this new technological communication which frequently absorbs our life.


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