Speed Dating with Books!

Hello Book Lovahs, How You Doing? You're Lookin Good! 
Are you ready to make a love connection and to hang out... with a good book?  
Get Engaged!
So, I've been inspired lately by a lot of amazing teacher librarians who have written about doing this lesson or some kind of variation (resource links below) and though they sounded awesome, they were too much work.  Decorations, tablecloths, candles, writing activities, dating profiles on Good Reads, Shelfari, LibaryThing, or Shelfari -- so being naturally enthusiasticaly indolent, I wanted to find a quick & dirty way to get kids looking at books, checking out books, and moving around the library. Voila! This is my version. Think Chuck Woolery cheezy love connection with a dash of Marvin Gaye! How YOU Doin?

Hot Set Up!
Take a book cart and shop for some hot books around your library media center. That's right, be deeply shallow and choose books that have the most attractive covers, are hot popular, and just plain fun.  
Get graphic: why not make up a table of graphic novels & popular non fiction selections for our informational readers? Have some of your media helper or frequent flyer kiddos pick their faves and pile them loosely on your tables. Standing a few up. Grab twins wherever possible, multiple copies of the same book, that way you have backups or friends can read the same book or.....double date! [obvious wink] You're welcome!

A Daring Blind Date!
Laminate some butcher paper book covers with cuts out on the back for bar codes! I made just four. Choose a few books, write short provocative blurbs on oversized post-it notes and rubber band em up! (I deliberately chose books I had several of copies of that I hid on a cart- so that if they were checked out I didn't have to do all the work over again - pop in the next copy! Boom!
Smooth Talkin!
I wrote a fun, silly, cheezy, (you've met me, right?) tongue-in-cheek script with the directions for this activity set to the INSTRUMENTAL version of Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye, set the Love Time Bomb for 1 or 2 min and Booya! Sometimes I read the script live with the Marvin Gaye track going on in the background & and sometimes I play the recording and pantomime the directions in a goofball exaggerated way! (saves the voice, too! LOL)
Let's Date!
Set the love time bomb and let the kids go! No sitting down  - to find true love you have to be quick on your feet & ready to pounce on the right book! During the 3 or 4 activity rounds you can also play Love Boat Theme by Barry White.
I also said to the kiddos to motivate them, that for the first 5 kids who check out books first they would get a special holiday candy cane scratch & sniff bookmark and could hang out in our READING LOVE LOUNGE! The last round the kiddos can go anywhere in the library to find that "just right" book and then-- in the space of about 15 min almost every kid has a book & they're all smiles!

Vocaroo It
I recorded the script & activity directions on Vocaroo - a fun, free, easy voice recording site that requires no sign-up and gives links, embed code, and a QR Code!

Vocaroo is great! You can also download the MP3 to play in your iTunes! Much easier than using Audacity for quick recordings!----1/15 UPDATE: Downside to Vocaroo - it expires! So, I guess you only have it for a year. So the cool intro I recorded for the kiddos & this blog no longer works, Womp womp!
Love Time Bomb
Have you discovered the classroom timer collection? Too fun! Animated & sure gets their attention!
Not in the Mood?
To the kiddos: "Don't want to check out a book today? Not in the mood? It's ok if you're already in a committed relationship  - I don't want you to cheat on the book you're already reading!  You also don't have to check out a book today if you're not ready to start a new book relationship!  I'm not about to force you - I just want you to see what's out there! It's all good!" LOL 

Resources & Inspiration

Book Speed Dating | Mighty Little Librarian

Blind Date with a Book --or--Speed Dating for Books

Book Speed Dating - YouTube

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  1. I'm planning a blind date theme for February. I'm really excited about this event as I don't think the students have been part of anything like this! New and exciting! That's what my goal is for this year :)
    - Krys

    1. I'm so glad! Make sure to take pics, Tweet, & blog or G+ your experience! FUN!

    2. I love this idea of Speed Dating with Books! I think students in upper middle school and high school would not only think this was hilarious but be VERY tempted to come join in! What a great idea and way to involve more students in library activities and READING! Thank you...I will use this when I become a school librarian shortly! Mollie

  2. I absolutely love these ideas. My public library does the blind date with a book and I love it myself. Why I never thought to do this with the class is beyond me! I also love the speed dating idea. I do three book reports a year with my leveled reading class and I think this would be a perfect way to have them choose a book for the report. It is so engaging for students that are in my grade level. I absolutely love those online timers! I use them all the time with my class. They are fun to give our dull activities, like fluency practice, a little spice!

  3. I love this! I just did this with may junior high students and they had a great time. Thanks for all of the great tips and helps.


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