A Daringly Easy Recipe For Your Professional Happiness and a Party, Too!

An Easy Holiday Recipe for Student Engagement & Professional Happiness

For Student Engagement:
Be fearlessly goofy (in moderation and at the right time), laugh at yourself (often!), admit when you don't know something or are wrong both to the kiddos and to your colleagues.  Mix it up, be vulnerable, be daring to try new things, and learn when you fail them. Do not forget to celebrate when you succeed! It's OK to do a happy dance now and then.

For Professional Happiness:
Have empathy and patience for those other educators who don't "get it," are annoying, haters, stuck in the past, toxic, sour to the kiddos, & not supportive. Empathy because they can't or won't change and because they don't get the joy of our calling. They're just putting in time until the next snow day, bank holiday, or break. How sad for them! Bless their hearts!

How to Repress Passive Aggressive Funpires!
 Call out (gently) those people who are passive aggressive or give out backhanded compliments. Just look at them for a few seconds with a puzzled expression & a head tilt, and say "Wow, what did you mean by that? I'm confused"  and then fall silent and wait with a inquiring expression. They aren't used to being called out on it. Most people let them get away with that kinda behavior. They may get defensive and quickly back pedal, they may bluster or try and make a joke of it, rarely will they just own it. But that's OK - you're not trying to change them (they won't or can't) you will find though that they won't likely try it again on you...or at least less often! These types of people are what I call the down low bullies. Shrug it off, move on, & have empathy for them - how sad it must be to be like that inside. I always say I'm not passive aggressive, I'm just aggressive! LOL
What's a Funpire?
Funpires are those toxic creatures who always seem to suck the fun out of any gathering or situation.  Sadly, you can't stake em, but you can avoid them!

Happiness is a choice! Optimism, too! Sometimes it's a difficult choice, but a necessary one! Teachers can sometimes get bombarded by the negative when they go into the lunchroom or talk with other teachers. It's important to steer clear of the Negative Nelly's, Debbie or David Downers, and to avoid that toxic downward spiral & strive to stay positive and upbeat. If this means you eat with only a few teachers, by yourself, our go out and drive to the closest neighborhood park at lunch, do it! We have the best job in the world and every new school year and every day is a new adventure!
Have a Happy Holiday Dear Friends!
Thank you dear readers for your support and readership this year! I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!
I was blogging for years early days to absolutely no one! LOL - Ok, maybe my Mom...and a few friends in our #TLChat. You have to keep at it, this blogging thing. You gotta have faith and never give up. Sure, you can take a break if the real world intrudes (example my hospitilzation & recuperation this summer - was working hard on PT and not feelin terribly chatty) it's OK, just don't give up! For more Blog tips please check out a previous post

Just Blog It! Blogging Tips & Ideas

PS. I got the handmade fingerless gloves, headband, & muffler from a lovely Etsy store called RoseDew & tweaked the picture using the fine touch up tools of PicMonkey (who is also nominated for an Eddies Best FREE Education Tool!)
See? Before & After!
#EduTweetOz Gives Thanks and Reflects DownUnder
The amazing educators and PLN of @EduTweetOz  have created a wonderful and inspiring way to give thanks, reflect, celebrate, and plan together as their school year winds down in the next 6 days.
Why not join in, emulate, & connect! I've had the honor and privilege to speak in Australia and the educators there are passionate, energized, generous, and AMAZING!

From their blog:
Sunday – #eduthanks Who do you want to thank this year and why? Let us know, spread the love!
Monday – #eduwins – What did you do that worked well and why? Feel free to share successes, tips, ideas.
Tuesday – #educommunity – What’s your community, how have you connected, what difference has it made, how did you get involved in different communities, what tips do you have for others?
Wednesday – #eduminister – If you were the education minister what would you do?
Thursday – #edugoals – What does 2014 hold, what will you try, how will you learn, share, evaluate?
Friday – #eduhols what are you doing to recover, recharge, re-inspire?
Pretty Awesome, right!??

Happy Holidays!  
Thank you, dear reader, for your support, inspiration and friendship all year long!  It's a busy busy time of year - one filled with family, fun, parties, & reflection. I'm gonna party first & reflect at the bottom of the post.  Here's my favourite, easy to make and always popular party appetizer recipe! My friends like it, my nephews fight over it, and it only takes about 10 min from start to finish...and you can make it days ahead of time, it just gets better!
After that is my recipe for student engagement & professional happiness, too! A little bit of ranting and preaching but all for a good cause!
1 half onion, sliced - yellow, white, or sweet Vidalia!
2-3 tbs (to taste) Maile grainy mustard
2-3 tbs (to taste) Dijon mustard
2-3 tbs (or more) Brown sugar
2-3 tbs water
1 package Smoked sausage, whatever is on sale, regular beef or turkey  - sliced into rounds
Combine first 5 ingredients into a microwave-safe container or dish and microwave about 4 min- stir well before and after.
Add sausage slices, stir to combine coating all as best as possible, add maybe a couple extra tablespoons of brown sugar over the top & microwave 4 additional min.
Take to party or refrigerate overnight (this is the BEST! You can even make a day or two ahead of time - it just gets better!)

Microwave to heat through again before serving. Serve with tiny silver appetizer forks (used in seafood, too) or toothpicks!

Turkey in a Blanket?
You can also take these slices & onion slices wrap them up in 1/4th of a crescent roll triangle and bake for a type of pig in the blanket.  Enjoy!

I got this idea & added to it from my former beloved Media Assistant of 21 years Robin Black. She's enjoying her much deserved retirement. My new assistant Kathi is awesome, too! I am SO blessed! 

**Results are not guaranteed & mileage may vary! LOL


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