The BIG MentorMob Playlist of Curation Tools

I think I've mentioned before in a previous blog post called MentorMob & the Secrets of the Remix Mash-Up YouTube Generation  that I came to MentorMob about a year after
hearing of it from the amazing Dr. Joyce Valenza. I mention it only again because I don't want *anyone* to feel self-induced "tech guilt" for not trying a new tool right away!
Sometimes you need to muse, meditate, and contemplate something new before jumping in with both feet. Sometimes you're just too darn busy! LOL  Either way, however you get to a new tool, talent, or challenge - do it when YOU are ready!
Long story medium, I am SO glad I did finally play with and master MentorMob last fall & it was so easy and the learning curve so gentle I felt I "had it" in less than an hour! UPDATE: Follow MentorMobEDU for all the latest education features & to connect with other Playlisters!
Much different than the Learning Curve of 3 weeks for Second Life, 3 days for Blogger, & 3 hours for!  Photoshop Elements? - That's a Life long journey! 
So I created this HUGE playlist of Curation Tools for our Mobile, Flipped, & Curated  presentation at #ISTE13 to visually share HOW a playlist looks and works and SHARE even more tools! 42 steps of AWESOME!
Enjoy the Playlist!

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!
Check out the resources below for links to even more great stuff from and on the Curated Flipped Wikispaces! Speaking of ISTE, I'm still processing & decompressing. The panorama photo above showed the 200+ people who kindly joined us for our panel discussion. It. Was. Awesome! Thank you everyone who showed up to learn with us!
AASL Pre-Conference Workshop
The BIG MentorMob Playlist of Curation Tools is just a small part of a greater set of resources which will be the basis of a half-day pre-conference workshop I'm honored to be part of at #AASL13 called A Library in Every Pocket: Virtualizing Your Library for Mobile Learning  with the amazing team of:  Michele Luhtala, Joyce Valenza, Shannon Miller, & Tiffany Whitehead! There's still time & space to sign up & join us!
MentorMobbing the Big Apple! 
From their blog: "The MentorMob team will be spending the next 13 weeks in NYC participating in the Kaplan/TechStars EdTech Accelerator Program. Woohoo!"

SO Cool!  Follow our MentorMob friends and Kristin Demidovich (KristinMMarie) on Twitter

More Resources & Credits
Amazing Curation Resources from and on the Curated Flipped Wikispaces:
Curation/Flipped Best Ideas
Flipping resources
NeverEndingSearch Blog
Springfield Township Library

Photo Credits:
All photos & graphic design by yours truly except for:
AASL Logo - Tweaked with PicMonkey
MentorMob at NASDAQ Chicago by MentorMob 
MentorMob Logo by MentorMob


  1. Thank you Gwyneth! The MentorMob team appreciates all the shout-outs and support! Bummed we missed you at ISTE13, as we are in NYC planning a big 2013!



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