Darling Slideshare, We're Stacking the Decks!

@Slideshare, my favourite presentation & file sharing site, is celebrating 10 Million Presentations Uploaded to SlideShare by creating the infographic  below -- and astoundingly, the featured me! (I know, crazy right!?) So...of course I have to share it with you! (and my Mom! LOL)  Also featured on the infographic is the presentation that changed my graphical & preso life and is one of the most viral slidedecks on earth... You Suck at Powerpoint! by the amazing, inspiring, & social media guru JesseDee(View the Large Size)

Funny thing is, they were kind enough and I was honored, flattered, and chuffed that they featured me
but they got my brand name wrong.  They labeled me the "Darling Librarian" instead of the "Daring Librarian" I mean, I *can* be darling if given the chance & with my friends and loved ones!
Here's my comment from their blog:

"OhMyWordSlideshare! I am so honored you included me on this infographic! Whether I’m a Darling or Daring Librarian -  I’m dead flattered to be featured! But of course, it does make me worry I haven’t worked hard enough on my branding if ya'll  got it wrong! LOL
Srsly, terribly chuffed is me! SQUEE!"
I finally uploaded the preso I blogged about and updated from the amazing experience I had being a featured speaker at MACUL in Detroit! Two different versions:

The above deck is the presentation with all the YouTube videos embedded (thanks Slideshare!) for those of you who are viewing without a firewall and have really fast bandwidth.  But for my dear friends who are still fighting the Locked Net Monster, I also uploaded a version without any videos embedded for viewing for easier viewing behind the walls of fire.

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

I have to also include the MentorMob Playlist that goes with this preso! Basically, I learned how to make a playlist by creating this one! That's the way I learn - learn by doing. How do you learn best?

Follow JesseDee on Twitter and on Slideshare

And about the Daring Darling thing -- Really it's much better than my super pet peeve of spelling my real name wrong like [shudders] gwenyth, gwendolyn, or some other non-awesome version that's not mine, right!?


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