Gotcha Back: An Anti-Bullying Video

Gotcha Back!
 I want to share this amazing video that one of our outstanding, talented, amazing, adorable - ok, I'm a bit of a fan grrl for Denise Adams our new MHMS Guidance Counselor. (Ms. Shuman's pretty cool, too!)  She did this video all by herself! W00t! (With a little help from her kids!;-) Starring our awesome Murray Hill Middle School kiddos.

She used a stop action sports setting on her camera to get the step-effect of the photos. We have an anti-bullying PBIS campaign going in our school and this video supports it wonderfully - and it gets me a little choked up..."I'm all farklempt!"

Here's the video link on the SchoolTubes and the embedded vid below in case the YouTubes are blocked in your district or the embed doesn't work for you!  
If it's important, FIND A WAY - to be a How to be a Ninja Warrior Filter Fighter!

Imma B
Another GREAT video for PBIS is this inspiring one from Nashville, TN!  It espouses a real positive message that appeals to my kids, too!  (It's adorable!) As stated on the vimeo page:
"This video was written, directed, produced, and edited by Mr. Rob Dennis from John Early Magnet Charter School in Nashville, Tennessee. Imma Be features several students from the John Early Student Body, and promotes a very positive message for meeting expectations and dreaming big!"
We at MHMS created an activity and lesson plan on our Wikipage   based on this video!  I also took a screenshot from the video & used PicMonkey to make a header. (Of course that screenshot was in the library!)

Imma Be from Michael Kennedy on Vimeo.

Fun side story:  I was so impressed with this video that I wanted to track down the creators & tell em so! So I Googled (of course!) and found the Teacher Librarian at the school where this was shot to let her know that we used it and how awesome we thought it was -it was a shot in the dark! This was my letter:
Somehow my assistant principal stumbled across the video that was made at your school called Imma Be and we're using it for a PBIS lesson! I just wanted to compliment you as several of the scenes took place in  your lovely library & the video ROCKED!

Here's the Wikispace page I created for this lesson centered around your awesome vid!

I hear Rob Dennis is no longer at the school but I just wanted to say
Thank you!!!

~Gwyneth Jones - MHMS
And a few days later I got this back!
"Good afternoon!  Thank you so much for your compliments on the video.  We actually made it a few years ago.  I helped out with the lyrics and some of the scenes.  It was fun and the students really got into it.  I love your lesson, and I’ll have to visit your wiki again as I see a lot of useful information there!

Thanks again!!!

Amanda Tucker
Library Media Specialist
John Early Museum Magnet Middle School 

Rob Dennis's profile photoAND then......I got in my gmail account THIS email from Rob Dennis! W00t!

Hello Ms. Jones!
So I googled the Imma be video and can't believe it's being used by a school all the way in Maryland! That is so cool! (Not to mention you look like the coolest librarian in the entire world!)  [[[heh heh aww shucks!]]]

I am honored that the video I made to help keep our kids doing the right thing is having such a big impact.
You Rock!

Mr. Dennis

Isn't that the coolest? That's how our PLN grows, right? AND it says something about shameless sharing, open collaboration, professional generosity of spirit. Letting people know you're using their stuff, giving them props (full attribution!), complimenting them on their hard work, paying it forward...well, it's a good thing!

I sadly came across the opposite of this a few days ago...a teacher who had a threat on every page of her website. 

It made me sad, I sorta want to reach out to her to try & win her over to our side...the side of open collaboration and creative commons. To convince her that the more you give the more you get and threats aren't the way to go.  I haven't done it yet, I may even blog about it because it's the antithesis of my credo. It's ANTI-Daring! And it's a downer...after the holidays, methinks!

So let's focus on the positive! Gotcha Back and Imma B rules and threatening other teachers drools! LOL

ps. I never did find out who Michael Kennedy was...the guy who uploaded the Imma B video..but whoever you are, thank you!  


  1. This is an amazing blog! Thanks for your kind, encouraging, and spirited words! You make it all so fun!!!! Thanks for promoting collaboration and partnership! Your rock!

  2. Just love seeing kids and teachers get together to create important messages like this. the choreography on Imma Be was very cool!

  3. I found this blog in a random google voyage. I am gobsmacked and loving this. Thank you for all your hard work and for all the ideas. I am inspired and excited to read more.


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