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Back to School Night is Coming:
Marketing to My Parents

In a couple weeks we're having our Back to School Night (BTSN) at my middle school & it's a GREAT opportunity to start my year off right by giving my parents ALL the resources they need to be in constant communication with us!
A friend & fellow teacher librarian in my district Barb Randolph mentioned that the teachers who posted QR codes in their classrooms had parents lining up to scan them on BTSN! So, taking that one step further I created with Comic Life & iPhoto a QR Code Tree Poster (see above) with all our important MHMS Daring School Library & school web links. I'll be posting this outside the Libary Media Center and in the school lobby as parents on BTSN don't usually visit the library....so I wanna "get 'em while the gettin is good!"

I've also created for my teachers a quick & easy QR Code Microsoft Word template poster for them to easily adapt & post in their room. Feel free to go to my Slideshare or wiki to download and adapt it for your school!
Set the Stage: Have Parents Download the App!
In preparation for BTSN I posted on our school digital newspaper Murray Messages:

QR Codes Hit the Hill!
We embrace mobile media here at MHMS! Proof of which you’ll see in cool black and white when you visit us for Back to School Night!
Have a smart phone? Be ready & download a QR code reader app! We really like the FREE iNigma QR code reader available in both Droid, iPhone, or iPad versions. You’ll see several QR Codes around the building guiding you to different helpful websites (and maybe a secret message or two!) – be ready to scan! Want to learn more about QR Codes? Check out this handy Comic Tutorial!
(Note: I also took the opportunity on the newsletter to promote our new Edublog)

The MHMS Daring School Library Media Center Says: YOU are Our Best Customer!
Murray Hill Middle School tries every day to put into practice our motto “A Model for School Improvement!” We strive to be accessible by utilizing Blogs, Google forms, Google docs, and social media to provide many ways for you to feel connected to our school and to have a voice! We’ve also created wikipages that help students with research & tech problems at home. For more information and for links to these great resources, read our latest EuBlog post and learn how we’re here for YOU! http://daringlibrary.edublogs.org/

Well, the proof will be after BTSN & when we check the numbers back from the Bit.ly info page to see the number of hits each of the QR codes got!

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Oh and I've gotta give a huge shout out to Mr. Russel Tarr of Class tools for creating a neat QR Code Scavenger Hunt generator! LOVE this idea! My way was more visual with custom .jpeg graphics & answers but my way was also a LOT of work! LOL

Oh and as a little giftie to you dear readers...feel free to download & snag this blank version of my Second & Comic Life tree! Insert your QR Codes on this tree (or just paste them on) - photo of tree taken from my property in Second Life - 4 season SL tree created by Sixpense Ninetails.


  1. You are an inspiration! I bookmarked the link to this blog post to my school's Diigo Group on Friday. This morning I roll into the media center and the librarian is making QR codes. I say, "What'cha doing?"
    He says, "Making a QR code tree for Back to School night."
    I say, "Awesome."
    thank you!!!!!!

    1. Sorry to be so late to this comment but that's AWESOME! And what a great Diigo group you have or had - curation at it's best! Cheers!

  2. I am working on a QR Code presentation right now and all the best info I am finding online is from you! Thank you!

    1. Do you mean your splendid and brilliant TED Talk? [grins] one of my fav ever and I was so honored you used some of my graphics for your preso! SQUEE!
      (Again, how did I miss this comment!? BAD Gwynnie!)

  3. I would love to implement QR codes in my classroom. What do you do for students who don't have internet access at home? I am thinking for those few, I will just provide hard copies of files that QR codes link to.

  4. Hi Lizzie!
    Thank you for your comment. I guess, the QR Code activities I do are always at school where we have a robust wireless network open to everyone!

    I'm glad you're considering the digital divide that is still there and real for many of our students, I would craft my lessons to only using the QR's in the classroom and have low tech options and PBL for any of out of school projects or assignments. Hope that helps!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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