MSET Conference, Colbert, Crabs, & QR Codes

I'm putting the finishing touches on my presos for the MSET Conference, in Baltimore next week! Of course one of them is QR Code focused! (more on that below) The AWEsome Nick Ford may be the undisputed Captain of the QR Code Galaxy but I declare I'm the official QR Code Librarian for the movement! Zing!
I'm so honoured & excited to have been asked to be a featured speaker at this my "hometown" ISTE affiliate technology conference - this will be my 14th consecutive appearance - as MSET (formerly MICCA) was where I got my start speaking about my passion for educational and being an agent of change.
"This year's MSET conference will be filled with inspiring professional development workshops, concurrent sessions, and thought provoking keynote speakers to enhance your professional knowledge and skills. The MSET Market Place will provide an opportunity to check out the latest tech products and services. See live demos and speak with representatives! But best of all, the MSET Annual Conference is THE PLACE to network and share ideas and knowledge with your friends and colleagues! Don't miss it!"
I'll be hanging out in room 336 (and the Digital Sandbox!) giving 6 presos on these topics: Death by Powerpoint...or How to be a Presentation Ninja, Transliteracy, Advocacy & the Remix MashUp Revolution, Easy Animation for Dynamite Disposition & Program Promotion, the ever popular and soon to be newly updated - Gadget-A-Go-Go, and of course QR Codes in the Classroom (& the Library!)
Since some of you, my dear readers, won't be able to make it to Baltimore next week let me give you a sneak peek at the QR preso. As an introduction to QR codes & an "in the wild" example - and as an admitted Pop Culture Ho I'm entertaining (or abusing) my audience with a mashup of Rebecca Black's terrible....err viral song Friday (don't worry - I'm only showing a snippet!) However, as a proud member of the Colbert Nation I am showing the full glory of my personal hero Stephen Colbert singing on Jimmy Fallon's show his rendition of the Friday song featuring a QR Easter Egg at the end. What!? You haven't seen it yet?

That's drove me crazy to catch that code - but I got it in a screenshot!

(can't scan it? click above for a full size version)
That code ...sorry I'm gonna ruin it for ya....leads you to a special message from Jimmy Fallon.

Not the most exciting vid I admit, and I wish the Easter Egg coulda been a few more layers but that's ok...I think it's a fun way to introduce my audience to the QR code - what do you think?
For the rest of the preso I'll be going into their history, how they are created, the best scanner apps for both Apple & Droid, share my viral QR Code Comic Tutorial, & how they can be used in the classroom & the library with kids as I blogged about last week!
Whoohoo! A whole bunch of QR Code yummyness! I even convinced MSET to create a QR Code Game for the conference. The amazing Digital Diva Joquetta Johnson is in charge of that -but basically, the first 50 winners (25 per day) that have the correct responses to the QR code questions will receive a prize. All participants will receive the MSET Geek The Tribe Badge and the geekiest will get the honor of posting the winner badge below!
ISTE11 is also gonna run a QR Game in Philly this summer (yeah, as an ISTE board member I admit pushed for that, too! Ok...I admit it, I'm addicted...What!?)

Welcome new readers! Did my keyword tag QR Code bring you here? AWEsome! Search this blog for "QR Code" & see my other postings including shameless QR Code bling, busines cards, stockings, and other ways to get your code on! Cheers!
MSET members? Don't forget to take the MSET Crab Challenge! MSET Challenge: Blue Crab in Space! by gwyneth


  1. Love these ideas! QR Code Easter Egg Hunt has really got me thinking...hmmm. Wish I could be there. Your presentations sound fun. Just got back from Disney for Spring Break and saw QR codes on the Photo Pass cards they use in the parks.

  2. I wish you coulda been there, too! Are you gonna be at ISTE11?!!?? [fingers crossed]

  3. I'm not sure. Never been but I always hear such wonderful things about it and the Learning Tools Family Feud sounds so cool! Phillie isn't too far... Let me look into this.


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