Sunday, February 22, 2015

Twitter Analytics: View the Reach of Your Tweets

Ever wonder where your Tweets are going? How many Favourites, Re-Tweets, & Replies? Well, Twitter analytics is here to help!

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Do they really matter? Nope! Like the number of followers, it's really not about quantity as it is about quality. The quality of the conversations you're having on Twitter. How much are you are sharing, helping, listening, & asking? Are you participating in some Twitter Chats? Are you helping newbies?  Are you contributing to our EPIC PLN? If not, c'mon! We're waiting for you! But if you're really not ready that's OK, too! Keep lurking, listening, & RT-ing!  I try and never give out any social media guilt trips. We're here for you when you're ready to talk on Twitter :-)

Hope this infographic helps!

Your thoughts are always eagerly welcomed in the comments! Give me a break from the spammers, please! LOL Cheers! ~Gwyneth

Sunday, February 15, 2015

7 Day Digital Detox Challenge

Why not give a gift to yourself? Of balance.

Do you sleep with the phone next to your bed? Perhaps binging or vibrating every time a text or Tweet comes in? 

A friend of mine Friday night teased me when she saw my iPhone screen. That I had over 23,000 emails I hadn't read and she told me to take a screenshot. I shrugged & said, well - I don't use my phone for that- I read all my emails on my computer. Is that wrong? She laughed. Whatever. ;-)

"The benefits of a smartphone sabbatical are many. Research shows too much tech can interfere with our sleep, make us feel insecure and more." - HuffPo

The purpose of this 7 Day Digital Detox Smart Phone Challenge is to find a balance in your life between the hectic, frenetic, continuous connectivity to the world and social media with slowing down, paying attention and valuing our loved ones, friends, & family.

Do I practice what I preach? Nahhh! Ok Sometimes! But I hope this infographic helps me to remember, too!

I really like going "off the grid" when I'm at the beach. Sitting on the balcony, fuzzy socks on, sheepskin pillow cuddling, & just reading. For hours.  Just being quiet. I know, for someone who has such a big & voluble mouth. But, ironically, that's also where I've done some of my best writing & blogging! Go figure.

(View Infographic in a LARGE size - once there, click on picture to make larger)
Weed Your Twitter Feed

Unfollow those people on Twitter who don't follow you back using ManageFlitter - or Unfollow those Twitter followers who are inactive and haven't Tweeted in 3 motnhs! I found this an easy to use and effective tool! You can only unfollow 100 people a day, so it may take a while. Right now I have 451 people I follow, who don't follow back. OK, I get it Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman, The Maryland Science Center (Why not!?), or Wil Wheaton - but really AASL? Really? WOW...that hurts.

Have you taken a digital detox? How did it go? Did you stick to it?  I'd love to hear in the comments! 
The photo above was taken by my Mom.  She's awesome.


A Digital Detox Test: Unplug Twitter and Facebook

Digital Detox - Huffington Post

Infographic inspired by an article on Popsugar to help me remember, too!


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