7 Day Digital Detox Challenge

Why not give a gift to yourself? Of balance.

Do you sleep with the phone next to your bed? Perhaps binging or vibrating every time a text or Tweet comes in? 

A friend of mine Friday night teased me when she saw my iPhone screen. That I had over 23,000 emails I hadn't read and she told me to take a screenshot. I shrugged & said, well - I don't use my phone for that- I read all my emails on my computer. Is that wrong? She laughed. Whatever. ;-)

"The benefits of a smartphone sabbatical are many. Research shows too much tech can interfere with our sleep, make us feel insecure and more." - HuffPo

The purpose of this 7 Day Digital Detox Smart Phone Challenge is to find a balance in your life between the hectic, frenetic, continuous connectivity to the world and social media with slowing down, paying attention and valuing our loved ones, friends, & family.

Do I practice what I preach? Nahhh! Ok Sometimes! But I hope this infographic above helps me to remember, too!

I really like going "off the grid" when I'm at the beach. Sitting on the balcony, fuzzy socks on, sheepskin pillow cuddling, & just reading. For hours.  Just being quiet. I know, for someone who has such a big & voluble mouth - I actually NEED a certain number of hours of NOT talking of not "being on" every day for balance. But, ironically, that's also where I've done some of my best writing & blogging! Go figure. 2017 UPDATE: Mom & Dad sold this condo - (See it featured soon on Beachfront Bargain Hunt!)  & I bought the Coastal Cottage! Now, instead of the balcony I now read on my screened in porch. Still ....happy happy!) 

Why am I mntioning this? Because to DETOX properly sometimes you gotta go Go to Your Happy Place! Wherever that is for you!

(View Infographic in a LARGE size - once there, click on picture to make larger)
Weed Your Twitter Feed

Unfollow those people on Twitter who don't follow you back using ManageFlitter - or Unfollow those Twitter followers who are inactive and haven't Tweeted in 3 motnhs! I found this an easy to use and effective tool! You can only unfollow 100 people a day, so it may take a while. Right now I have 451 people I follow, who don't follow back. OK, I get it Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman, The Maryland Science Center (Why not!?), or Wil Wheaton - but really AASL? Really? WOW...that hurts.

Have you taken a digital detox? How did it go? Did you stick to it?  I'd love to hear in the comments! 
The photo above was taken by my Mom.  She's awesome.


A Digital Detox Test: Unplug Twitter and Facebook

Digital Detox - Huffington Post

Infographic inspired by an article on Popsugar to help me remember, too!


  1. Thanks, good reminder... clearing out my Twitter feed= step 1. iPhone sabbatical? Step 2... :) I find myself better focused when I'm off the grid, even in regards to blogging...

  2. Thanks for this post - just got started cleaning out my Twitter feed. Got a Twitter etiquette question for you: if you see that someone isn't following you, but you're pretty sure they were (ie. you've met several times, you've tweeted back and forth a lot), should you send them a tweet letting them know? Or is that too pushy? This happened recently with one of my Twitter friends where he was sending me a DM and I couldn't DM back. We were both surprised to discover that he wasn't following me.

    1. Great question! And yes, it's a trixy one. I was surprised by 3 people I was following who I was SURE used to follow me back but I didn't know how to ask w/out sounding tacky, needy, & pathetic! LOL

      How would you ask or word it?

      Maybe if you come up with a better way than what I asked, then I may try it!

  3. When I check my email on my Mac or iPad it automatically syncs and adjusts the number of unread emails on my phone too! #theresasettingforthat! 💕😉


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