Fun with Jigsaw Explorer

This is a fun online game to bring kids together in the classroom, with 1:1, teams, or through virtual learning. Students do NOT need to join the website or share any personal information!

Jigsaw Explorer offers a variety of free puzzles. This site also allows players to engage in games with others so that classes, friends and family can collaborate on the same puzzle from different locations. Solving a jigsaw puzzle as a group also encourages participation & conversation.

"Try the Jigsaw Explorer an online shared jigsaw puzzle! You can control the number of pieces and playing is just drag and drop with a satisfying click. Choose from daily, weekly, and mystery puzzles." There’s also a search feature towards the middle of the page.

How to: Choose your favorite puzzle. Click Play this Puzzle.

Click the people icon for the Multiplayer option

Add your nickname that will identify you to the other players, then click Create Game Link.

Copy this game link & share with the class!


Awwww Puppies!

More Online Games & Puzzles! 

Enjoyable Online Games and Puzzles & Escape with Digital Coloring and Puzzles

I got this idea from a Tweet that I can't find in my favorites - if you shared this on Twitter and I commented my thanks - please let me know! I want to give you credit! 

What are your favorite online games to use with our learners? Please let me know in the comments and please include your name, Twitter, Instagram, or email if you want me to give you a shout out or follow or get in touch with you! 

On a personal note, my favorite game of all time is Plants Vs. Zombies! 

Gaming, Zombies, & Education for the Win! -- from 2012


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