It's Time to Clean Up Your App Life

It’s Time to Clean Up Your App Life

Unused apps on your phone can do more harm than simply taking up space.

We’re using our personal devices like our phones and our tablets more than ever during distance learning. But did you know that unused apps are not only slowing you down but may also be a serious security risk?

Inspired by an article in Popular Science, I’ve cleaned up and cleared off nearly 2GB of stuff I really didn’t need. 

Bye bye Flappy Bird!

“A report last year found that the average person launches roughly 9 apps per day and interacts with roughly 30 apps over the course of a month.”

If you have an iPhone: Go to settings > General > iPhone Storage and it will give you an option called “Offload Unused Apps,” which automatically deletes apps you don’t use regularly. It will also show you Apps you have NEVER used.

If you can’t remember what an App does, why not just delete it?

It was pretty easy to do and only took about 5 minutes to save a lot of space & secure my phone.

PS. Don’t forget, restart the device!

OK, let's be real.  Not exactly the first blog post I expected to publish in 7 months, but it's been quite a year, amirite? Just like so many of you out there, I'm just doing the best I can under unusual circumstances. I'm sharing more organically on my Instagram because that's ...well, a heck of a lot easier and that's where my kids are.

Many times in these past months of quarantine and distance learning, I wanted to post about something I was doing to engage my students, but I hesitated because it seemed I had too much to say and didn't know where to start and couldn't really find the energy to do it!  Have you felt the same?

This post came from one of my weekly Tech Tips for Staff. I was so proud of myself for getting rid of Flappy Bird and cleaning up 2GB of space on my iPhone -- I thought this would be an easy way to maybe ease back into my Blogging. As I've always said, I try to NEVER apologize for not blogging - because that's super lame - but sometimes it's OK to give an explanation.  Am I going to blogging more often? Maybe! We'll see. Family and my kids come first - ALWAYS.

11 Reflective Tips Blogging Tips & Ideas

3. No Excuses!
When blogging, do NOT apologize for not posting! Ever. Have you ever landed randomly on a blog & started to skim past posts and noticed that almost every other one started with "I'm so sorry I

haven't posted in a while I've been so..."  (insert lame excuse here) People don’t want to hear that!  It's boring,  it's pathetic, it's unnecessary,  and yes, I've done it myself! Why? Because it's also human nature! We innately feel self-induced guilt for not writing... FIGHT IT! Here's a challenge - go back and check your past blog posts and if you've started more than one post with that - take the time to edit that out & promise never do it again.


More blogging tips.

Just Blog It: Blogging Tips - 2011


How are you doing? Wishing and hoping for all my blog readers, Twitter & Instagram family & friends a happy and healthy rest of the year. Keep being safe!

By the way, grab the latest reading related Bitmoji! I dressed it up with PicMonkey and added the tagline. 

I still wish I could have an updo bun with bangs. Le sigh.

C'mon Bitmoji I don't ask for much. Just bangs please. 

And dang, Flickr - you used to upload my images with a transparent background not convert it directly to jpeg where I lost all the yummy clear background. Why?


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