Summer Reading Suggestions from Social Media

Sometimes I just want a trashy summer read. 
Something light. Something sassy.

A cozy coastal mystery.
A true Beach Read.
Nothing heavy. Not WWII.
No cancer, no conflict, no causes. 
No political or social commentary.

Growing up outside DC I've had a lifetime of political. Don't get me wrong. I have passionate beliefs but when you have lived your life both inside and outside the beltway, see scandals and politicians come and go, and both parties sling mud -- AND you also teach Middle School? Enough..... You sometimes just want some mind candy. Something sweet. Summer reading is made for this.

And since I've read almost all of Elin Hildebrand (some hits and some misses there), the Low Country boil series, Rosamunde Pilcher, Crazy Rich Asian series, all Charlaine Harris (natch), and of course my beloved Inspector Gamache (though he's more my winter binge) So, I needed some new suggestions. NOT YA. Love YA. I'm a YA Librarian for goodness sake! I also read the "good stuff" aka "Literature" and then.

But this girl is lookin for grown up reads.

Not really trashy. Scratch that. It's weird, the older I get the more of a prude I seem to be. In my reading preferences. Lately I seem to skip through the heaving bosoms and pass on the pulsing members. There was a time though.... [insert knowing wink here] After all, I did read fine lit that is Fifty Shades of Fan Fic Meh. All 3. Don't judge me.

Of course, that means I had to dive into the greatest pool of generous & smart people ever! Twitter and Instagram. One of my Twitter friends asked for the final list of suggestions....but that sounded a LOT like homework (:-P) So, I'll just embed the Tweet with all your wonderful suggestions for all to enjoy!

What did we miss? Got a beachy read that's not mentioned? Please comment to add your best suggestions! Cheers dears!

Now, I'm going back out to my screened in porch, prop up my feet, sip some iced tea, and get lost in one of these books. And yes, I've been taking a bit of a digital detox this summer. I've been focusing on Mindfulness. Self care. Like watching Bravo.

PS. More trashy....err beachy & summertime book lists curated below. Click at the bottom of the Tweet where it says "People are talking about this" or wait, you can also click here! For the Instagram one click at the bottom where it says "view all 23 comments" can also click here.

Did someone say lists?

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FWIW: Here's my public Kindle List on Amazon started in 2007. Books that I wanted to remember. Some I did buy & read.  Some not. Your mileage may vary.

Books seen on my iPad Thanks to you!

Screenshots below taken 2014



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