10 Coloring Pages for Women's History Month

Hey gang!
I just want to share with you a few coloring pages I curated online & made into PDF's & JPEGS for my kiddos!  I love adding new coloring pages to our Makerspace, especially during special months and with themes. There are a LOT of FREE coloring pages out there for your Makerspace, you just know how to find them, adapt them, & follow the copyright licensing!

I uploaded the curated coloring sheets as Jpegs on Flickr embedded below and to download as Printable PDF's on Slideshare.

If you source or curate coloring pages make sure to research back to the origin or artist (RARELY it's Pinterest! Dig deeper!) and make sure to include the correct artist and attribution - and make sure it's been listed as FREE or Creative Commons. Am I harping on this too much? Librarian.

7 Easy Steps to Search for Coloring pages on Google: 

  • Google any Topic - Example: Jane Austen
  • Click over to Images
  • Click Tools
  • Click Size (choose Medium or Large - over 1000px best!)
  • Click Type
  • Refine by Usage Rights 

Plus, always make sure to list the artist and give credit where credit is due - mind the copyright! I don't think I've mentioned that, have I? 

Save the image of your choice, open up a Word Doc or Google Doc, insert image, list the artist or originator of the line drawing in the footer, then go to SAVE AS & save it as PDF. This way any fancy font you may have used is preserved and anyone can download & print it!
Print and Enjoy!
Enchantress of Numbers! 
Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer, chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage's proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine
Ever since I was a Steampunk Pirate Air Ship Captain and lived in New Babbage in Second Life I've had a girl crush on Ada, Countess of Lovelace! Just such a fascinating story! 
For more, I blogged about it, here!

Brass Cogs and Virtual Steam

Coloring Pages  
(Download Flickr in ALL Sizes

Our Crowdsourced MHTV NEWS Scripts for Women's History Month!
Please MAKE A COPY & Enjoy! 


Special Thanks to Ms Daniller & Mr. Dunbar for contributing! 

Now....it would be lovely if you could share any Coloring Pages that you created, sourced, or curated! And I would totally give you credit.  What things do you like to color yourself? 
Please leave your ideas, questions, & thoughts in the comments!

See all the pics again on my Flickr Gallery or
 download the PDF's on my Slideshare!  


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