Warning: Do NOT Read This Blog Post!

(This is an example of one of my Daring School Library Edublogss postings- written in the style of Lemony Snicket for my students) 

Hello dear readers, this is Gwyneth Jones - your one and only ridiculously humble Daring Librarian here with dire LATE Breaking News...that's right
As Sophia (the delightfully cheerful girl above) reported on MHTV News we must share something distasteful with you.  

Why? Because I recently awoke feeling a dreadful malaise and a lingering doleful fear about something I just uncovered. When I say "uncover" imagine turning over a mossy rock expecting cute wriggly earth worms and rolly polly pill bugs only to find a suspect piece of butterscotch candy wrapped in a soggy cellophane wrapper...well, read below for our news story. 

Oh, and don't be angry with me OR with the smiley Sophia...we HAD to give this news 
Here's the Script:  

We here at #MHTVNews usually like to share uplifting and heartwarming stories about young people who joyfully create amazing things and are rewarded for their Scientific, Literary, Artistic, and or Academic Achievements.
We’re here to give a warning that there is a pernicious, which means here deadly, and terrifying new series now available for streaming on
(And as a wry aside, may I add that this is surely a silly name for a terribly sinister author! I met him once back in 2004, at the Howard County Public Library - He signed a book for me and though I was introduced to him by one of my favourite students as the Evil Daring Librarian Ms. Jones - he said I was only 
As if!  [snit] /a)

Of course, we have all the books in this horrid series in the Murray Hill Daring School Library Media Center, we consider that fair warning so that you may read them, if you are so inclined, to be properly prepared. They are terrible books of horrible events and only appreciated by those who are slightly tetched in the heid (Scottish variety) or bloodthirsty.
Oh and Count Olaf? We’re keeping a weather eye on you sir! Be sure of that! No more sneaking around and hiding in my Library Office.

Find Count Olaf Hiding in my Office!


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