Love More, Hate Less

In this turbulent time, I think it's important to remember that racial and religious tensions in our glorious United States have always been challenging!

The diverse and bright multi-cultural threads that makes up the warp and weft of our rich American tapestry have always included people who have risked everything to come to our shores with the hope for a better life or were forced here against their will, and ultimately made the best of it.

We've always been hard on each successive new wave of cultures (Welsh, Scottish, No Irish Need Apply, Jewish, Polish, Russian, you fill in the blank) we keep adding them into our fold. Not always easily or with grace as the video from 1945 starring Frank Sinatra embedded below will attest.

Let's please remember this when rhetoric gets out of hand. I'm really not comfortable talking politics or religion publically - my Mama taught me you don't discuss politics or religion at the table or dinner parties - and to me, Social Media is the largest Teachers Lounge and Dinner Party in the world - so this is a big stretch for me. But recent events and my prayers are prompting me to speak up for love, peace, and tolerance.

I choose to embrace ALL cultures, all people, all religions, and I know deep in my heart that that God (or Allah, Jehovah, or Higher Power - whomever you pray to - or don't) speaks to all of us if we just stop and listen.

God wants us to LOVE and NOT HATE. 
Simple as that. Love more, hate less. 

Frank Sinatra also collaborated on an article titled The Way I look at Race for Ebony magazine, July 1958. Today would have been Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday. RIP Ol' Blue Eyes.

Thanks Frank, you tell those kiddos - it's the American way. But umm, gee, Frank, you coulda left all that "Jap" talk out of it!

See folks? No one is perfect. That's why we have to keep remembering to open our hearts and our minds.  Let's strive to Love not Hate.

But it's still OK to be snarky about the Kardashians! 
OMGosh Saint? Really? [smh] Blanket, Apple, North, Poor kiddos


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More unusual sharing: 
*Words I Try to Live By:
1. Embrace God in life: Pray often, & have an attitude of gratitude
2. People: Personally, family & friends first - Professionally: kiddos first, always
3. Positive: Push the positive, change the world  (Life, testing, bureaucracy, can bring you down, finding the positive and staying up is an essential way to choose happiness)
4. Generosity: is a privilege - give more than I take, live Creative Commons, & I strive towards servant leadership - and failing often, trying always
5. Excellence: Create quality content
6. Passion: Driven energy with intent and purpose

 *Not preaching, just sharing. And to quote the wise Dalton, played by Patrick Swayze, from the cinematic oeuvre that is Roadhouse - "Opinions vary"


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