Flocabulary: Hip-Hop Learning That is Out of this World!

Longtime Flocabulary Fangirl
I've been a Flocabulary & Week in Rap fangirl since they came on the scene and have blogged about them back in 2009 and 2011...and they just keep getting better! 
Every week, sites, companies, and startups email me trying to get me to blog about their product - and while that's really flattering, this blog can't be bought!  My street cred is important to me! I only blog about sites and products I truly LOVE....and though I've was given a Flocabulary T-shirt once, they're not paying for this! 
Flocabulary is Hip Hop Learning that is Out of this World!

What's new?  Week in Rap, Jr! Now...just for the little K-5 Kiddos, there's a weekly news Rap-up (get it!?) for the small fries! Appropriate, timely, and educational - get the news in a super engaging way for the younger crowd. Week in Rap, OG - for the Middle to High School students is still rocking and is now year round!  Play the video embeeded below to experience the AWESOME!

From my friend Molly at Flocabulary:

"The Week in Rap Junior connects age-appropriate news stories to elementary science and social studies curricula and promotes development of core skills like reading, writing and critical thinking for students in grades K-5.

Each week, the series will offer students a new hip-hop video, standards-based exercises, a creative challenge - and the chance for a shout-out in an upcoming video!

Like all of our units - activities each week include quick review questions, interactive lyrics (that offer more info on each news story!) fill in the blanks, a quiz and our great printable activities like this one for the August 14th edition!  We’ve got the full update on the series in our press release and blog post, and first few editions are available free."

What's FREE?
Yes, Flocabulary isn't free. It costs money for both the single teacher & for a whole school plan and it's worth it!  But there's still a LOT free that you can experience and there's always a free trial. AND just for our blog YOU dear readers, they've generated an extended Super SCHOOL WIDE 45 Day FREE Trial!

Check out Walk Like an Egyptian! Ancient Egypt 5-12 Social Studies Lesson
with Video, Teacher's Guide, Printables, Quiz, & more! 
"It’s time to walk like an Egyptian. In this Ancient Egypt music video, we take you back to the days of giant pyramids and hieroglyphics. This song covers the ancient Egyptian civilization that flourished along the Nile River."

What's COOL?
Around 100 new videos (plus activities & quizzes ) since last school year.
"Over the last year, we’ve added new units across our library - some of our latest releases support brand new subjects like social & emotional learning and geography.  

Social & Emotional Learning: this subject is a recent addition to our Life Skills subject covering topics like bullying and managing frustration. (I blogged about oversharing online last year!)  We’re working on more units for SEL, too - teaching empathy, active listening, and more! Here’s a link to our Social & Emotional Learning units:  

We added new videos here over the summer like longitude and latitude, themes of geography and landforms, with additional titles coming this fall!"  Check out their Geography units
What really impresses me are the lesson quizzes. I love the quizzes! 
Wow...I NEVER would have thought I'd write THAT!  
They're really fun & they remind me a lot of Brainpop quizzes

Common Core for the Win!
Share with your teachers of all subject areas and see how cool  hip-hop rhymes engage kids and inspire them to learn all ALIGNED to the Common Core State Standards! If you care about that kinda thing ;-)

Check out Flocabulary and give the exclusive  


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