Skype: Global Communication Magic!

I am SO excited about the potential of this new technology from Skype and err [cough] Microsoft. But us Mac people... I guess we'll have to wait a little longer. From Richard Byrne's awesome blog: "Microsoft has made Translator Preview open to anyone who is using Windows 8.1 or a preview edition of Windows 10. Click here to visit the download page for Translator Preview." Here's an example of it in action!
OMGosh! I can't wait to try this with my kiddos! I gotta confess, my eyes get suspiciously damp every time I watch this & the look at wonder and astonishment on the faces of the kids! EEP! (Don't judge me! LOL)

I joined Mystery Skype & Classroom hoping to connect with a classroom in the Dominican Republic. I was inspired SO much after watching that video above, I thought my 7th grade kiddos who had just finished reading Before We Were Free would get a super kick talking to a classroom in the country where it was set (and in the same time zone)! But alas, after emailing ALL the educators listed in that country, (ok, there were only 4!) I had to come up with a plan B.  So now, instead we're going to make Vine videos.
Check my next blog post for all about it!


From the amazing Richard Byrne:

Skype Translator Preview Opens to All Windows 8 & 10 Users

Mystery Skype! a brilliant blog post by RichardSnyderman the @Techsavvylib


  1. Too cool! I'm so very excited about Skype developments!


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