It Can Wait and YouTube Teen Celebrities

  #X Before You Drive
Here's a news story written by our MHTV correspondent, 8th grader the uber awesome herself, Stephannie J.
"AWESOMENESS TV and many of your favorite celebrities, including James Maslow, Demi Lovato and R5, have joined the movement to stop texting and driving and you should, too! Check out this video featuring some of your favorite YouTubers. Weekly Chris looked pretty good in that video, am I right ladies? (Steph's words, not mine!) So how can you join the movement? Go to and take the pledge. Spread the word and make this known! #itcanwait"  Thanks Steph!

We grownups need to model this for our kiddos. Like transparency and creating a positive digital footprint, we don't have any credibility if we're texting and driving the same time we tell teenagers to X before you drive.
My new crosover RAV4 (Squee!) has hands free paring with my phone and I will use that - but I don't touch my phone when I drive...even at a red light - and yes, I'll X before I drive.
Visit the site to take the pledge, get more information, and MAKE Your Own MEME!
 Click to see ours!
YouTube Teen Celebrities
Did you know there was a whole cadre of teen real people celebrities who have their own YouTube channels? Like the MAGCON Viners I discovered last year (thanks to my 8th grade girls for filling me in!), these kids have MILLIONS of followers!
A couple have even leveraged their celebrity status & now make a living with endorsements. Here's a couple examples. I found out about Meredith Foster (700K+ followers)  because #MereBearsBacktoSchool was trending this summer on Twitter. 

She had my heart by taking out the trash! So she's a beautiful smart, Californian Christian but not preachy, nice, upbeat, & creative young girl - what's not to like?  Her big back to school giveaway created a frenzy online but that was how I found her!

Then I Googled (duh!) and found out about Bethany Mota (2M+ followers) who most say was the first and some say the original YouTube beauty advice teen and now is a beauty and fashion mogul. She was even a Project Runway guest judge the other week! Of course in the above video she makes (IMHO) the grave blogger or vlogger mistake of starting a post by apologizing for not posting - but maybe her teen followers need to know WHY!
Oh and who is this Chris that Stephannie was talking about? He's WeeklyChris! (800K+ followers) - a cute dude in Canada - NOT THE one who must not be named who has turned into a real life jerk  & who I made a return books Blabberize parody about a couple years ago....

This one is quite charming and says all the right things in the video below about what makes a girl attractive: honesty, natural, innocence, no drinking or smoking, and smiling....clever lad!

Want to know more? I didn't even mention 02L! Check out this article on Flavorwire

Is It Time to Start Caring About Teen YouTube Celebrities?

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