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Taking Your Blog to the Next Level!
So you've started a blog! AWESOME! But have you taken it to the next level? Or have you neglected it and need to get -rededicated to the blogging process? Did you know that you can use your blog as a one stop web presence shop? You can include a bio page, a page for contact, a page for links & resources, and more!  Join the amazing and inspiring Edublogger heself, Sue Waters for a fabulous FREE Webinar Monday November 4th at 8pm Eastern USA time (or if you're one of our Aussie PLN it will be Tuesday morning at 9am, Perth time!) and take your blog to the next level!  Make your blog an epic win!
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Just like a protected or locked Twitter page a blog that's dormant does not build a PLN or make a positive web presence! Let your blog go free!
Blog Guilt? Let it Go!
Here's a shot of my first blog archive- see? For the year 2006 I only blogged 8 times! In 2007 I did a little bit better with 22 times, but something happened in 2008 (Don't ask, I really don't even remember why!) I went back down to 12 posts! But as I've said before, whatever you do, NEVER EVER apologize about NOT blogging. If you're taking a haitus (like the Levelup Book Club Blog) just explain to your readers why you're taking a break and hope they come back!   It's not the number of posts - it's the passion and persistence and passsion of your message! 

I've also blogged about this topic before - see some practical tips & fun ideas, & no-nonsense advice.

Just Blog It! Blogging Tips & Ideas 

(Don't worry, they'll be more after the FREE webinar & everyone is invited!)

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Questions to ponder and for your commenting pleasure  

(I LOVE to hear from you!)

  • What are your best blogging tips?  

  • If you've started a blog but let it go, please share why - we can all learn from each other! 

  • What is your best blogging triumph or worst blogging failure?

  • Why do we blog at all?



  1. What are your best blogging tips?
    I'm a fan of blogging regularly. For me, it holds me accountable for writing and helps me to continuously develop my writing style and skills. It also provides my readership with content regularly. Often the posts aren't brilliant, but it keeps me writing. Plus, you never can tell what post is going to stick with others.

    If you've started a blog but let it go, please share why - we can all learn from each other!
    We had a blog running for Level Up Book Club for over a year but decided that it was time for the blog to go dormant after the club took a hiatus. A final post informed our readership that we were taking a break for an undetermined amount of time, but it's something that could be revived if the opportunity presented itself.

    What is your best blogging triumph or worst blogging failure?
    I posted a STEM unit for 2nd graders based on the story of the 3 little pigs several years ago. I shared it mostly because I'm always looking for cool STEM units to do in our library and I thought others might benefit if I shared a the project our 2nd graders have come to enjoy so much. Long story short, the post always gets a ton of traffic at the start of the year and I now receive emails from TLs and 2nd grade teachers from across the country sharing the great results of their students' work!

    Why do we blog at all?
    To be the change we want to see in the world.

  2. How funny that I decided to revive my blog today, stopped by to see your Blogger layout, and found this post! It must be a sign from the blogging gods. ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

    If you've started a blog but let it go, please share why - we can all learn from each other!
    I've started and stopped so many times, I've lost count. Typically, I've stopped when too many things are competing for my time. Blogging is always the first thing to go. I've also abandoned several blogs when the trolls arrived.

    What is your best blogging triumph or worst blogging failure?
    Worst blogging failures have involved feeding the trolls that disagreed (angrily and repeatedly) with my opinions.

    Why do we blog at all?
    My motivation to restart my blog is twofold: 1. I want to document and reflect on my professional practice, and 2. I want to share some of the new things I'm trying in my library and "pay forward" the amazing learning I receive through my fabulous online PLN.

    Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and nudge in the right direction! Hoping to get my little ducklings settled so I can join in the webinar tonight. :)

    1. YAY! Perfect timing! I think we need to be gentle with ourselves and let ourselves stop & start our blogs if we want without the internal guilt!
      I guess I've been lucky to not get hit by trolls on this blog - Eeep!
      Hope to "see" you tonight - but we'll also be archiving the chat, too!

  3. One of my goals for this year is to do a better job sharing what we do in the library. I've started a blog, but my difficulty is in staying motivated to write when there aren't many readers at this point.

    But I know from personal blogging in the past, that growing readers takes time. Right now, a few teachers and colleagues read my posts. But I'm using Twitter and Facebook to share posts and I know that consistent (and hopefully interesting) writing will build an audience.

    Enjoyed the tips you shared! Thanks!


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