The Care and Feeding of Your Blog

Or How to Start One!
Join us Monday, March 5th at 8pm Eastern US Time and 9pm Perth Australia Time for a FREE Webinar at the TL Virtual Cafe with Sue Waters, The Edublogger herself! Coming to us LIVE! from Beautiful Perth, Australia! (Tuesday March 5th at 9am!!!) This whole space-time continuum and time zone thing makes my head ache - Thanks for all the the help! LOL

We've all been there, either we've started a blog and neglected it - feeling some deep-seated internal blog guilt or we've started a blog and sometimes just don't know what to post or how to make it grow. Sue Waters, the Edublogger herself, is here to the rescue!
Sue will be giving practical tips on how to get a blog started, how librarians and educators can use blogs, and how to maintain and nurture a healthy blog without stress or guilt.
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(Click me ONLY on Monday Night at the designated time - nuttin going on right now until then!
Session Wikipage - Where the Webinar will be archived after the event! 

Blog Guilt? Let it Go!
Here's a shot of my first blog archive- see? For the year 2006 I only blogged 8 times! In 2007 I did a little bit better with 22 times, but something happened in 2008 (Don't ask, I really don't even remember why!) I went back down to 12 posts! It's not the number of posts - it's the passion and persistance of your message!
I've also blogged about this topic before - see some practical tips & fun ideas, & no-nonsense advice.

Just Blog It! Blogging Tips & Ideas 

(Don't worry, they'll be more after the FREE webinar & everyone is invited!)

Sue Waters// | The Edublogger

The //Edublogger// | Tips, tricks, and help for educators and bloggers

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Questions to ponder and for your commenting pleasure  
(I LOVE to hear from you!)
  • What are your best blogging tips?  

  • If you've started a blog but let it go, please share why - we can all learn from each other! 

  • What is your best blogging triumph or worst blogging failure?

  • Why do we blog at all?



  1. Hi Gwyneth, will the webinar only be accessible live, or will there be a link to watch it after the fact? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! Our Blackboard webinars are always archived & posted later on the session wikipage!

  2. I think you have the dates wrong - Monday is the 4th March, Tuesday is the 5th March. I will be participating on Tuesday 5th in HK (as will Sue), but it will be the Monday 4th of March for those lagging behind the international date line!

    1. I do! Thank you! So, its' Tuesday 9am when it's Monday night our 8pm, yes??? LOL Sheesh it makes me heid ache!

  3. - What are your best blogging tips?
    Establish a writing schedule and stick to it. At least, that's what works for me. It's tough when you get into a rut and aren't sure what to write for the next post. The blank page is very intimidating. I think writing on a schedule keeps the instrument sharp and also takes the pressure off of you to only share when you "feel" like you have something share-worthy.

    - If you've started a blog but let it go, please share why - we can all learn from each other!
    I had/have a blog for our Berner but stopped writing after we had to re-home him. Our (at the time) newborn son was highly allergic and keeping Avi (our then 3-yr-old Bernese Mountain dog) was not an option. The last post was a sad "I remember you" post that I still revisit often, but I couldn't ever bring myself to write another post. Just too hard. Avi's 5th birthday is coming up next week.

    - What is your best blogging triumph or worst blogging failure?
    By far my best blogging triumph was when I shared an infographic that someone solicited to me that completely set me over the top. The infographic talked about Wikispaces and, without saying it, spelled out the library profession as something somewhat obsolete. I wrote a really angry post, shared the infographic, and titled the post "Why Librarians Don't Matter", just to drive the nail in. The link ended up being shared at a near viral rate (at least for my unassuming blog's traffic) and made me feel a good deal of credibility among my colleagues for speaking up for our profession. You can read the post and be disgusted by the infographic at this link:

    - Why do we blog at all?
    I tell most people that I blog for advocacy, but I think deep down a big part of me writes so that I can give a voice to my program and advocate for the work I do with students. There's a great sense of value one achieves in having his or her work recognized by peers. So, too, I also feel affirmation when my colleagues read and respond to my posts.

    1. Brilliant, just brilliant!

      Thank you dear friend & neighbor Matthew! Watching with pride the meteoric rise of the popularity of you, your band, and your blog this year has been nothing short of A-MAZE-ING!

      I remember getting that unsolicited infographic, too and this is where you are awesome - I looked at it with disgust, wrote the person who sent it pointing out what was wrong with it, and then promptly ignored it. YOU emphatically & with great erudition, fought against it and Bam! Look where you are! YAY you! Thank you dear for your comment! You rock!


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