Edublog Awards Nominations 2012

When it comes to the Edublogger Awards, I've "always (been) a bridesmaid and never a bride" but surprisingly (for me!) that's...OK.  Because I get SO much more from the Edublog Award process learning about and from new teachers, librarians, administrators, etc. than I can ever explain. It has been a super game changer and PLN builder for me. NEXT year for this I've got a new idea...I've created a new Sqworl group to save all those amazing blogs & educational sites I run across that I'm keeping an eye on to make next year's noms EASIER and hopefully faster! LOL
Individual Blog - Free Technology for Teachers
Group Blog - LevelUpBookClub
New Blog - The Mad River Librarian
Class Blog - Campbell 156
EdTech Blog - Mr G Online 
Teacher Blog - The Nerdy Teacher
Library/Librarian Blog - Mighty Little Librarian -Tiff
Administrator Blog - The Principal Of Change - George Couros
Influential Post - Game Based PD for an Epic Win
Individual Tweeter - Tamara Cox
Twitter Hashtag - TLChat - Now LIVE!
Free Web Tool - PicMonkey  - Made of Win!
Video/Podcasts - Karen Mensing
Best Educational WikiWebTools4U2Use by Aunty Tech
Best Open PD - TLVirtual Cafe
Social Network - LevelUpBookClub
Mobile App - Dropbox
Lifetime Achievement 
 - Sue Waters (I swear, this is NOT a suckup!)  I know over at Edublogs it's probably "family hold back" but have you READ that Edublogger blog lately?  It's ridiculously Amazing!!
Still don't believe me? Read this mind blowing post!

The Twitteraholic’s Ultimate Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter

I was so honored to meet her this summer whilst speaking in Perth, Australia and let me assure you that she is just as amazing in person as she is online! Actually, more!  (She's pictured above L-R - Dave & Sue Waters, Audrey Nay, & Joyce Valenza)
Though I doubt her humility & desire to not win an award that she's basically running will allow this nom to go through, she is SO well deserving! So, OK....though I know they will prolly NOT choose her....she gets it from me! See below! [grins and steps gingerly off box of soap]
You have until November 26th 
to make your nominations, 
Follow #Eddies12 on Twitter to keep up on the noms & stay tuned for when it's YOUR turn to be a part and VOTE!


  1. What an honor it is to be mentioned in your blog post. I constantly learn so much from your blog, your clever infographics and your very entertaining tweets! Thank you for being such an ed-tech inspiration!

  2. You're very welcome dear! Since we met at the Google Teacher Academy in Seattle 2 summers ago I've been constantly inspired by you and of course my fav mutt @CritterSharpe !!!

  3. Awww, I'm blushing and SO honored to get your Edublog nomination for librarian's blog!! There are so many AMAZING and inspiring ones out there, and it's humbling that you thought of mine :)

    And I'm still miffed that you've never won this category (or any of the others that you've been nominated for so deservingly). Seriously!


    1. You are a definite mover and shaker in our profession Tiff! Your blog chronicles your inspiring instructional and professional growth! It's also fun to read! <3 it!

      No miff needed dear! I know it sounds like total B.S. to say it's an honor to just be nominated but really, it is!

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  5. I am so amazed to be on this list Gwyneth. What a shot in the arm for me. Your magic wand is giving me the motivation to keep on blogging. In fact, I just finished a new blog post (after a little drought) and thank you.

    You are the best, Daring Librarian, the best! Thank you for taking a dare out on me! :-)

    ~The Mad River Librarian


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