Getting a Head(er) with Twitter

Have you experimented and played with the new Twitter look yet? It was rolled out last month and it allows a greater (and fun!) branding customization. Much like the Google+ and the Facebook header, this allows you to upload a background with your profile pic and description overlaid. By the way, I started this blog post about three weeks ago -- didn't post because I was *still* playing with my header!'s compulsive! Some people have had a lot of fun with it creating neat optical illusions (it's a bit difficult and it gets whacked with different resolutions and with mobile versions) and others have made slick, graphically delicious statements.
Here's How to Do it!  
Decide on a header image that is somewhat dark on the bottom as that's where your profile description will be printed, as well as your URL and your location. Here's a full size example. Original image size cannot exceed 1252×626 pixels (with a max file size of 5MB). 
Twitter does not specify a minimum size, but anything smaller than 640 pixels wide will likely look pixilated, blurry, and yucky.  You don't have to create a custom graphic if you can find a super cool pic that you've taken, speaks to your brand, or that you just like! Don't have one? Check out Flickr Creative Commons - just make sure you give full attribution! I usually put it on the lower left or right side - you can do that with Pic Monkey- see more below!
But if you DO want to play with reality by holding up an iPad or frame or line up your Twitter icon in a special way, do use a Photoshop Template there are also more links below in resources for ideas as well as Social Media & cool corporate examples! 

So...Of course I had to play with different concepts before settling on one header. Here is my most recent header and then a few other renditions below. 
I finally chose a background created with Go!Animate that had 2 different framed posters on the animation graphic already that I could utilize for my profile pic (which would be overlayed on the left) and of course a QR code that when scanned brings ya right here! 
Being a devoted cinephile, theatre buff, & pop culture ho - of course I gravitated towards the Cinema scene!
Here's how it looks LIVE! (Larger size) Or go check it out LIVE!  Here are my first tries...
Twitter headers with my David Lanham cartoon trippy mirroresque,
Super Hero influences, QR Code (of course!), and as always a Steampunk version. Do you have a favourite?
You know, I'm still not happy with this new Blogger look and could use some help! I can't quite get the images linked. Where is that feature? It's not in properties, nor is it working when you click once to highlight the image, then go up to add link. Gah! Also, the wrapping of text around images is also a bit quirky, yes? Any other weird things you've noticed - blogger users? Suggestions? I swear, I've Googled! I never ask anyone a question unless I've TRULY looked for the answer myself. 
So, if you've read my blog before you know I have admitted Font Lust & Other Graphic Desires, right? And when my social media muse Jesse Desjardains is showing a boss new Twitter header? Well,  I just *had* to have one, too! Right? Internal competition is a good thing! I've got several of my PLN peeps who keep me on my toes!


My new tech crush PicMonkey has a tasty one!  Speaking of them....
Pic Monkey is my favourite new site...honestly, you can do SO much with them you almost don't need Photoshop Elements! I was tweeting them shamelessly during our last #TLChat Live! and Squee! They Tweeted me back! I isolate these tweets by clicking on DETAILS then I screenshot 'em and keep them in a gallery I call Happy Tweets. My "rainy day feelin kinda blue I need a smile now" gallery. Yeah, I'm a doofus.

Speaking of zesty headers check out Mentor Mob! A great new curation tool as evidenced by the talented mind of one Dr. Joyce Valenza.  I haven't had time to play with it myself, but I've seen it in action and it is SWEET!

Need more Twitter help?
Please participate in our LIVE #TLChat and VOTE! for our next conversation! It's crowdsourcing at  its best! 
Resources & Credits:

Super thanks to Jeremiah J. Warren on Mashable for his excellent post & Photoshop video with BONUS Photoshop Template!  New Twitter: How to Unite Your Avatar and Header Image

How to Change Your Twitter Header Image  by Lance Ulanoff

Free PSD Templates » Twitter, Facebook & Google+ Header Covers



  1. I'm using Blogger, but suspect I am not going to be much help due to struggling with tech most of the time! However, I wondered if a work-around might be to insert the link as a caption under the image?

  2. I think this might help you with your image linking question. I hope it does at least!

    Also, with the Twitter header thing. I use a site called free twitter headers. They make some pretty cool headers, the site is ad free, and you don't have to like/follow them to get your download. Just a nice clean site!

    Let me know if that blogger article helps you out though!

  3. What website did you use to make your avatar?

  4. I left Blogger 18 months ago and haven't regretted it one iota. I like WordPress much more. Actual, good customer service, which Google isn't good with. I'd export this to WordPress. Google would not let me reclaim my blogs after a hacker took them over. It was an incredible nightmare. Begularly back up your blog if you do stay here.


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