It's a Cartoon, It's An Avatar,
It's a New Animated YOU!

Let's Get Animated!
Jodie & Phyl my hosts from Australia (background story below!) asked me to write a short article on a tech topic to distribute to schools in Australia and New Zealand. So, you know I HAD to highlight 20+ of my favourite Super Avatar Generators & Creators! The piece has been made into a promo flier & a full article - PLUS... you know you can get all the links & graphics from the
Companion & Updated Avatar wikipage! 
(Click below)

You can view the flier embedded below or download it from Slideshare

Download the article directly from the SybaSigns server or Slideshare (embedded below)
It's a Cartoon! It's an Avatar - Full Article from gwyneth jones
Your Head - In a Jar!
Hope you enjoy it! If you have visited that wikikpage before, I've recently updated it adding the latest, coolest APP....the Futurama Head in Jar generator for iPhone & iPad with design tips!


Super thanks to **jake duncan** @**duncanbilingual** for exposing me to this COOL new generator on his Google+ Profile!

I'll Carry Luggage!
SybaSigns of Australia have treated me very well, and I haven't even met them YET! My mentor, Dr. Joyce Valenza has worked with the awesome gals Phyl & Jodie of @SybaSigns traveling to Australia & New Zealand speaking and conducting Teacher Librarian workshops for years. This year she & they invited me to come along! Ummmm Yes, please! Heck, I'd carry Joyce's luggage and get her latte every morning!....Oh and speak a little here & there! Seriously, I'm terribly flattered to have been invited with Joyce to go on a 3 city speaking tour conducting workshops. Am I gushing? I'm gushing a bit, huh? Ok, I'll tone that down! Check out our wikipage for the tour - Navigating the Digital Shift: Transliteracy, Transparency, & Curation.

Meet You Down Under!
I hope I'll be meeting some of my Australian PLN and getting to know a whole new group of kindred spirits! (Yeah, that was an Anne of Green Gables moment!) This is a true dream come true for me - ever since I was a swoony teen girl and saw a Masterpiece Theatre production of a Town Like Alice & got the hots for dishy Bryan Brown (Ahem!) ......errr...anyway!
We're visiting Sydney, Adelaide, & Perth! Check out our tour!

Cheers dears! Take, Use, Share! As always, I love your thoughts, suggestions, & comments!


  1. These are awesome! I love avatars and you have an incredible selection! I added a link to this blog on my avatars blog but I will have my students skip right down to your link. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment! Double check please though some of the avatar generators have community interactions that may not be appropriate for student use.

  2. You're going to make many Aussie TLs very happy!

    One avatar maker you didn't mention is Bless this Chick It's a lot like playing dress up dolls online, and it works really well. The other one I think you might like is Professor Garfield's Character Builder, although you have to take a screen shot for that one. Here's my blog post about how it works as it's a little tricky to find:

    1. You're too kind! I'm just honored & thrilled to be invited to meet the Aussie TLs!

      Thanks SO much for your awesome suggestions, I'm gonna add them to the wiki! You rock!

  3. Congratulations on your trip how exciting And thanks for all the avatar tips - fun!

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