Time and Tide Reflection

I don't usually get too philosophical on this blog, keeping more with the "how to" or "try this!" nor do I usually wax rhapsodic. But this is the time of year where I must. I love my career! I love my teaching, my practice, my profession, my students, my families, and my community! I can't imagine doing anything else that feeds my soul like teaching! I love the seasons and the time and tide of it. The great thing about summers off (other than it's made of awesome) is the ability to step back and reflect about the past school year. And for those of you who are rolling your eyes at my flippin Pollyanna positive attitude [grins] I know, right? Maybe you really need to read this nowSo here are my 5 R's to help with that reflective journey.

1. Relax
Before you can truly reflect you gotta relax. And it doesn't have to be a week at the beach (but that helps!) but it should be a seeking of solace. Mindfulness. Quieting your thoughts, read (of course!), breathe, nap, heal (I always seem to get a cold at breaks & holidays - like my body says "Oh, you have time now....here you go!) putter, get a massage, swim, garden - whatever it is that let's you let go -- is good. Before you can take care of anyone else, you have to take care of you. You can't give to others if you're tapped out yourself.  Disconnecting from social media is also helpful - going off the grid. I have a hard time with that - but it's lovely.

2. Reflect
Once you're relaxed, now you can reflect on the things that went well last year. Lessons that inspired, projects that showed promise, and programs that popped!

Also think about the things that didn't go so well and how you could improve. Stay the course, or change it. However, sometimes, you can't change a situation but you have to learn to graciously accept it - and then work around it. One year I had a class assigned to my library due to over crowding - knowing that unless we had one year of it we wouldn't qualify for an extra "portable" so I had to grit my teeth, smile, & make the best of it. I ended up great friends with the teacher and we did co-teaching all year! The other teachers saw what we were doing and the next year, I had requests for similar lessons from all subject areas.
This year we had months and months where our library seemed like standardized test central. For MOD and makeup testing - where a few days our doors even had to be locked with big signs that said DO NOT ENTER. (That killed me!) Knowing of course, I wasn't the only one in my district or state going through all that helped. Finding acceptance that this was for the good of a needful portion of my kids helped, and also finding Ninja ways around it helped, too! Visiting the classrooms with carts of books - making my teaching "to go" or "on delivery" or called them in whenever I had a spare period, quelled my need for that teaching fix and kept me connected to my kids. But whatever challenge you face in your school - coolly reflect on it and move on.

3. Revise
Think about ways to effect real change and revise what you did from last year to the coming new school year. My Mom (an amazing retired gifted & talented Reading Specialist and English teacher) says that: "One of the BEST things about teaching was that every school year was a do-over! Every new school year was a fresh start." Don't dwell on the past look to the future! Choose ONE BIG THING to focus on next year. Join Twitter? Attend a professional conference? Better yet, PRESENT at a professional conference! Start a wiki or web page? Pump up your Web Presence? Don't make it impossible, make it do-able! Set a reasonable goal for practice next year and keep it. Post-it wall optional!

4. Rededicate
Now this is the tough love time. Really think about WHY you are in this profession. Do you speak enthusiastically about what you do? OR are you always complaining? Do people avoid you in the hallways because a simple "how are you" turns into a litany of woe? Do you like, admire, believe in, and cheer for your kids? Or do you roll your eyes, snark about their faults, or say that they are hopeless? (Spoiler, they are not!) If this is you, you really need to reevaluate your commitment to this profession - because that kind of toxicity is DEADLY and destructive to our kiddos, our community, and our colleagues! And guess what? People notice! Have you looked yourself up on RateMyTeacher.com? Brace yourself for some real opinions because kids don't pull punches. 

Be Thankful & Grateful

Take time to reach down deep and find that passion that drew you to this career in the first place! Stop taking the easy out of negative or ennui and strive for the passion and the power of the positive! A simple gift like these can make that re-dedication manifest. When you get one of these? Take a picture of it and keep a file folder of em for when you need that soul refresh. I have a manilla folder and a Flickr set called Happy. Works every time!

But let’s face it: If you, as a teacher or a teacher librarian, find that when you write about your teaching practice, and you don’t feel the urge to use an inordinate amount of !!!!!’s, then maybe you need to go re-kindle your passion or get the heck out. 
Our profession is so precious, our responsibility to our students is so great, that if you don’t have the proper enthusiasm and optimism for it then maybe some serious soul searching needs to happen – STAT!" Basically get with it, or get out. I'm sure there's a Macy's department store out there who needs a new clerk.

5. Rejoice
Celebrate your year! It's over.....and I'm sure you had some high points and some low ones. You taught and most importantly you LEARNED! Be thankful. Be Grateful. Pray. Celebrate your successes and accept your failures. We all have them and frankly, my failures teach me MUCH more than my successes. We have the BEST job ever! Rejoice!

Final Thoughts:
On Time and Tide - not only is it a fav album by one of my fav 80's bands Split Enz...but it's about the pace of our lives. The lyrical dance of days. The time and tide of our school year. Embrace the seasonal gifts along with our kids.  The start of a new year - new pencil fresh with all the infinite possibilities, the holidays peppered in the fall, Thanksgiving and time with my family, Christmas (or PC Winter Break) snow days...doing the snow dance in my kitchen wearing my jammies inside out, Monday bank holidays, and spring break. Oh spring break...my beloved pause where I usually go the beach in DE and spend a whole week to read...and, well getting a jump on my 5 R's! Whatever it takes to re-kindle that innate optimism that brought you to teaching...take this time and FIND IT again or burn it brighter baby!
Now go out there and be AWESOME!

What kind of things do you to do to rededicate yourself to teaching? What did I forget? OR What is your favourite holiday?

Oh Tim & Neil Finn of Split Enz! - My teenage heart still swoons for you! I saw you perform in DC where you were the headliner & Duran Duran opened for you because XTC had cancelled their concert....you were AWESOME!
Split Enz and Duran Duran at Ontario Theatre (24 Jun 82)

I know when writing I use a LOT of !!!'s Like I said in a recent interview for the excellent website Middleweb: "I always feel like Elaine in that Seinfeld episode where she has to take out exclamation marks, because I do use so many. Those and ellipses! Nom Nom. 


  1. Ilove this post and the BEAUTIFUL images you used with it! I definitely go through a similar process at the end of each year to recover from the exhaustion and celebrate successes. And you're right... a week at the beach sure doesn't hurt anything! My parent's beach condo is definitely my happy place where I can relax, reflect, and just BREATHE!

    Thanks as always for the comment on my ISTE blog post -- I still can't believe that something I've written has been printed (and they did a character to go with it)!

    I'm busy packing away for the big trip, I can't wait to see you in just a few short days in fabulous San Diego -- my first ever trip to Cali!

    1. Aww Thanks for your comment, sweetie! Can't wait to see you in Cali - it's so smugly beautiful!

  2. Fantastic post, as always! The video reminded me of driving along in my car ('72 Dodge Dart LOL!) and singing my brains out! My crush would be John Taylor from Duran Duran. Still makes me swoon!

  3. We are lucky indeed to have a profession that allows us time to rejuvenate, re-connect, re-center, and renew every year. My goal for the "pencil new" year of 2012-13 is balance - and how to extend the sensation of summer bliss into my work year (wearing Hawaiian Tropic year round not withstanding).

    Putting my plug in for Blondie's The Tide is High. The night Debbie Harry sang that on Solid Gold is a top ten moment from my childhood.



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