This is What a Librarian Looks Like

This is What a Daring Librarian Looks Like at Swordpoint!
I have an unabashed library girl crush on fellow redhead and Library Journal Mover & Shaker & all around amazing human being, Bobbi Newman - Librarian by Day....So when she gives me an early head's up on something she's starting up (and it's not a lot of work and a bucket full of fun!) I'm of course immediately on board and want to share it with you, dear reader!
I've been preaching for years that Librarians need to embrace their inner AWEsome, their inner Rock Star, their inner Gaga, Jagger, or Minaj! Ever embracing my mentor Joyce Valenza's charge from last year I think librarians (of ALL types!) need to be FIERCE and part of that is showing how librarians are divergent, different, and yes...daring!

From Bobbi's outstanding blog:
"As the ultimate compliment to Library Day in the Life we bring you This is What a Librarian Looks Like!

What: a site to go beyond the bun and challenge old, outdated librarian stereotypes with photos of real librarians in their real lives doing real stuff

Who: YOU! The site is up and running and ready for submissions. So find a picture that you think best represents you to the world and submit it! Please don’t submit photos of others and be tasteful! This is a fun, light-hearted project, please approach it in that spirit!

Where: This is What a Librarian Looks Like!

When: NOW! Go submit something already!

Your editors are Bobbi Newman and Erin Downey Howerton and we’ll be approving submissions as fast as we can!"

So, What is Living History?

Probably the best explanation I have ever heard was this: "Imagine your most favourite movie. Imagine being able to "step into" that movie -- that's a lot like reenacting. And no, we don't have a script, or anything like that. Our actions are usually just us trying to live in that time period." From - the webs oldest online forum for historic reenactors:

The picture at top of this post is from the Hampton Blackbeard Festival in Virginia and features Ben Cherry noted Blackbeard living historian. Yes, I'm a privateer wench. It should come as no surprise being such an uber geek I've done my fair share of historic reenactment including the SCA, French & Indian War, 1710 Queen Anne's War Privateers, Victorian Steampunk, and early 50 BC Celt. I have bins and bins of amazing hand (and machine) sewn wool, linen & raw silk garments, beads of amber, hand-hammered copper Crafty Celt belts, and bodices & corsets galore. It's an intellectual addiction that I dabble in every few years (since I was a teen), then drop out (it's a LOT of work! Try wearing 4 layers & a tight corset in 100 humid Washington DC, VA, or PA degrees!) but my fascination with living history continues. If there was a war that was ever fought there are people out there who are reenacting it! Still looking for my next blacksmith!;-) For more information check out:

It's an old-school style webpage (Awww, YAY! remember those?) but is deep & rich and is still the main conduit to find groups of all time periods -- they also have a Facebook page!

Yes, Librarians come in all shapes, sizes, hobbies, ink, piercings, colouring, and divergent activities! We are an intellectual & curious group of people and it's no surprise that sometimes we like to combine our passions. What's your passion!? Submit your photo to the project & leave a comment here! Thanks for reading!

Photo features yours truly and on the far left, the sublimely talented, seamstress, crafter, living historian AND librarian Mrs. Paula Montrie. Check out her wonderful blog Reeled In Research. I miss you, hon!


  1. I miss you too! Love this - keep breaking those stereotypes wide open!

  2. YAY! I will! Thank you dear for not minding me gushing, showing, & linking to you! Whew! I got all inspired yesterday & didn't check first!

  3. Gwyneth, you are the greatest, steam punkiest, time period reinactiest, QR codeist person I know!

    I represented the look by losing all my hair on Friday. Teacher librarians REPRESENT. Posted it on the blog. Also...

    I just wanted to let you know that I think you're an inspiration. I nominated you for an award at Feel free to check it out, but don't feel any pressure to follow through with nominating other bloggers. I just thought that I would take the time to recognize the amazing bloggers that I can't help but share with everyone I know.


    - Matthew

    1. Matthew dear friend,
      Thank you so much! I'm tickled pink & honored to be so honored!

      Hopefully during spring break or gosh forbid this summer when I'm not so cra cra busy I'll do this lovely (CHAIN LETTER-ISH!) type of love fest! W00t!

      But for now I'll just back in your & Jo's sweet addition!

      And umm congrats for that super awesome other recognition - when can I cheer out loud for ya, hon!?? The wait is killin me!
      Cheers dear!
      ~Gwyneth Jones
      The Daring Librarian

  4. Hi Gwyneth,
    I love your blog. It is really unique. In fact, nominated your blog for a lovely award. Stop by my blog to find out the details and collect your award. =)


    1. Wow! I'm gobsmacked! Thank you & I just left a suitably gushing blushing comment on your blog, hon!
      Cheers dear!

  5. I'm fierce and daring AND wear a cardigan and long pleated skirts with comfortable shoes. Have to get my picture in soon, since this somehow really irritates me! If we are more than what we look like, why can't we LOOK the stereotype?

    1. Ms. Yingling!
      You make cardys look HAWT! Of course you can retro-stero-Marian-it-up all you want girlie & rock it! But the blog just goes to show that we're all not Quacker Factory, eh wot? LOL
      Cheers dear!


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