Google Plus Cheat Sheet and a Cool Guy from Denmark

On the interwebs a star can rise overnight! And no... I'm not talking my old beloved friend & early Internet Meme Trogdor ....I'm talking about a cool guy from Denmark. With the advent of the new social network by the Googles called Google Plus or G+ Denmark denizen Simon Laustsen has created some of the BEST & coolest infographics for this exciting new community of learners & early adopters! They became an instant hit & according to his blog (scan the QR code, too!) "It turned out to be very popular, and so it has now been shared over 1000 times on Google+. It has been translated into several languages and the number of people following me has literally exploded from 0 to 600 and counting."
Now with over 1800 followers Simon's Google+ cheat sheet has been translated into 11 different languages! (link to all at bottom) He has also graciously given me permission to post them here on this blog and he added a QR code to his profile pic after a few messages back & forth. Cool! Thanks!
Now.. I know I'm known for creating Comic Tutorials..but really people, I'm basically lazy... why re-create the wheel!? Eh-wot!? (click each pic below for full sizes)

Thank you again, Simon for your generosity!

What are your best Google+ tips?

PS. Since writing this post I have been reminded that there are MANY cool Danish & Denmarkian Peeps out there! See?
Jan Holmquist

Jan Holmquist


  1. Very good blog post, Gwyneth! I like the topic ^-^
    I got back from the camping trip yesterday, because of the weather.. (was extremely bad).

    I think I need another profile picture that fits better with that QR-code! It's really not fitting in there hehe.

    Thanks for posting and sharing the cheatsheets. (I just hit 4000 followers on G+!)


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