QR Code Custom Jewelry, Swag,
& Social Media Hipster Bling!

Geek Chic: I am addicted to a few things. OK... I have guilty pleasures. Fine Coach handbags, & Fine (and/or funky/steampunk/freaky/unique) Jewelry - basically Self-Indulgent Fripperies and geeky tools & swag. (Oh and Bravo TV reality shows)

Get the hippest geekiest social media hipster bling from Zazzle.

Use my favorite QR Code Generator, grab your QR Code PNG, & start designing!
Wear your QR around your neck for a coy geeky promo of your blog, wiki, or site.
Go to Zazzle:
  • Click on CREATE & go to the custom create page
  • Look for Necklaces-NEW!
  • Go to the bottom Right & Click Choose your style - choose Square
  • Upload your QR Code pic - adjust size
  • Add text under the QR code if you like - you can change the font & size. Voila! (see cool examples from my friends Diane Cordell, Shannon Miller, & Joquetta Johnson at the bottom!)

Buttoned Down:
Proudly pin your QR Code to your chest at conferences and in addition to handing out your MooCards like candy you can saucily say - Scan Me! Go to Zazzle & follow the directions above for your fav Square button - double check & scan the computer screen to make sure it works before submitting!

I'm still waiting for all of my QR Code custom pieces so I've yet to try them "in the wild" to make sure they scan properly.....but I can't resist getting MORE! I'm not much of a T-Shirt person but I love these items.
For the Guys
Zazzle also has custom ties, hoodies, & iPad or QR code ties!

Also for the Guys: Twitter Stalkings

Hang Your Hashtag or
Wear your Twitter name with Geek Pride!
Visit Survival of the Hippest and choose a necklace! Sterling silver starting at $49 or gold custom jewelry starting at $89! Type in your @twittername or fav hashtag - add up the letters, choose a length, and hashtag happiness around your neck!
QR Code in Your Pocket with Mini Moo cards!
Speaking of MOO cards...I blogged about those last week & previously with DESIGN TIPS & a discount code... but here's another peek! Oooo..Moolicious!

Diane Cordell of the blog Journeys & #VanMeters own Shannon Miller, and the Digital Diva herself - Joquetta Johnson also ordered QR Code necklaces!


    Can we trick one out with some diamond bling????!!!

  2. Very tempting! Are you gonna get one for your Life With Lynn blog?....Oh and The @yourtwitternamehere necklaces from Survival of the Hippest can be ordered in gold with diamonds..but Lynnie my dearest Auntie in the WORLD..you don't Twitter!

  3. YOu are the master at finding creative techno-wear ;) Love it!


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