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Got Charge? Giving Kids the Power!

3 Times the Charm?  OR  Spend $130 Bucks and Literally Give Kids the Power!
I've discovered that the mix of the digital divide, possible turbulent home lives, and general teenage forgetfulness results in a loss of power. Yes, they usually admit that they fall asleep with their phone next to them and not plugged in. Shocker.  It seems that some of my students who DO have devices (yes, there are still a lot who do NOT) show up to school with a low or no charge. A device that they LOVE to use for social connections and fun in the hallways and during free time. Oh yeah, and sometimes in class for learning, too! Without that device they feel a serious gap in their daily lives.
We fill that gap. 
A few years ago, I was inspiredby the charging lockers I saw during a visit to theHillwood High School Library in Nashvillewith the ISTE Board of Directors and I wanted to support our BYOD pilot program and our kiddos by giving them a place to recharge their devices in school.
And of course t…