Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Say Yes! To a School Instagram!

I was recently inspired by teacher librarian Ms. Diana Rendina, to create a professional Instagram account for our MHMS Daring School Library Media Center. Why should you consider it?

“Go where your customers are”

Here’s a quick look at the stats on Instagram.
  • 200 Million monthly active users
  • 13% of all internet users
  • 51% of 2014 high school graduates use Instagram daily
  • 23% of US teens consider Instagram their favorite social network
  • 85% increase in global usage among teens from Q1 – Q3 last year
  • 34% of US teens and millennials (14 – 34) use Instagram

Our kiddos really are not much on Twitter (Shocking. I know, right?) they also think Facebook is sorta fuddyduddy (though they might have one, they don't "live" there) but almost every kid I've talked to lately is big into Instagram and Vine! 
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Alex beside her epic History Day project!
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Creating a professional Instagram account ensures that whenever cool things are going on at school, I can handily snap and share them with our kiddos, parents, our community, & the world! Most teachers have their cell phones with them anyway, why not get together to make it a powerful sharing tool? Connect it to your Twitter & Flickr for easy Social Media cross posting & archiving!
Add your Instagram name to a sign around the library showing off kids doing cool things!
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Kids love to tag themselves in the photos, but I always ask "can I Instagram this?"

Here's Brently playing with a puzzle ball during Winter Smash in the Library. After you take a picture with Instagram, offer it to your student asking "do you want to tag yourself?" 95% of them jump at the chance & then comment, share, & like the photos of themselves. Sometimes, they'll say "Oh I better not, Mom doesn't know I have Instagram" and small percentage of my kids will say "I'm not allowed to have Instagram yet" All answers are good! I only mention first names. When sharing I also make sure to post the pics to my Flickr and my Twitter. My principal often RT's these photos to his followers!

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Whether it's History day, a Science experiment, a Daring Library Media Lesson, or the school play - students love to see pics of themselves actively involved!

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Like Vine, these social media tools forge a creative bridge with our students.

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Here's a pic from a previously blogged about lesson #StoryIn140. The kids really got into writing Twitter sized short stories - these kiddos were obsessed with pancakes. Go figure! LOL

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Showcase special talents or school events! Here's Palwasha showing off her upcycled folded magazine page bowl! (She made me one, too! Squee!) And check out her sweet comments on the pic above! Awww - made my day!

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Use tools like Instagram and Vine to model a positive use of Social Media, create a cool digital footprint, and to become a professional education photojournalist.

Again, tying the account to your Twitter and Flickr maximizes and enhances the impact of the share! This means you might have to forgo having a personal Instagram for this professional one.

Consider creating a school hashtag that you use for all pics taken at school, on field trips, performances, sporting events, or competitions to bring everyone together!

 Pro tip: search Twitter and Instagram first before you adopt a hashtag - you don't want to use one that's already taken or is used to discuss or share things that are NFSS! (Not for school safe ;-)
We're going to try #MHMSMD because just plain #MHMS had a lot of other questionable results. See the results of my search below. 

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Here are 3 little fairies from Peter Pan! Oh Lillian! Has your older sister and my former student Natalie seen this, yet?

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Our Lost Boys are Rocking it! Featuring our own MHTV Daniel D as the Fox!

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More Peter Pan! No comments from any Redskins Football fans.

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Watch out Capt. Hook!

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And here is the amazing Lauren of 8th grade sharing inspiring words from Oprah Winfrey for Black History Month!

Follow us on Instagram & enjoy the AWESOME that is our kiddos and staff!

Consider starting your own professional Instagram account - tied into your professional Twitter & Flickr account  - Oooh social media transparency and the power of making critical connections to our students, families, communities, and the WORLD! Not too shabby, eh whot?
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