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ISTE12: Let's Go to San Diego!

Exciting times ahead! As Lady FauxGa said above the ISTE conference in San Diego is being held from June 24-27 and is the largest ed tech gathering IN THE WORLD! (Don't miss my post: Daring Conference Packing Tips & Tricks)
A Life-Changing Ed-Tech Event
My first NECC (now ISTE) conference was in 2007 - Atlanta - was epic! It's also where Kathy Schrock first introduced to me the virtual world of Second Life! See, I had been presenting every year at my state ISTE affiliate MSET since 1996 but had never had the moolah $ or the gumption to go to the "big show" until 2007. When I finally decided that saving all year for the conference was the best investment in my professional growth...I was forever changed. It was crazy! Overhwelming! Exhausting! But mostly it was amazingly inspiring and it challenged me to "step up' my professional game and to seriously dedicate myself to being the best educator and change agent I could be. So, if you're on the's SO worth it! PS. Welcome back to the ISTE Board Kathy Schrock! I'm gonna *try* not to be nervous around you!

But First, Why NOT Anaheim & ALA?
I mean obviously since I'm on the ISTE Board of Directors - I'm going to ISTE not ALA. Though I have SO many heartstrings that pull towards my fellow librarians and teacher librarians... I've always felt that ALA as a conference and maybe as an organization - treats me like a redheaded stepchild as a school librarian. Like, "Awwww - how cute, you're a SCHOOL Librarian! - Bless your heart!" I have gone to the redheaded stepchild of ALA conferences AASL (which is held every OTHER year) since 2005 Pittsburgh and I LOVE them! But I guess ISTE has always made me feel equal to all the other ed tech educators! So, though I belong to ALA and AASL and support them for sure - my heart is ISTE, SIGMS, & SIGVE all the way baby!

NOW! Let's Talk San Diego!
Meet the ISTE Board!
Join me & the ISTE board for a fun. informal, but very informative discussion! ISTE Board Inside Out: What's Next for ISTE? Monday, 6-25 from 11:00am–12:00pm Featuring ISTE President Holly Jobe, ISTE with ISTE Board members.
ISTE's new governance model relies on you to contribute your voice and ideas to help build our future as an association. Help set ISTE's strategic course. Share your perspective and ask questions. Let's build the future together!

SIGMS Forum With Rock-Star Educators!
One of the most exciting events of ISTE is sure to be the SIGMS Forum: Expanded Learning Opportunities: Using Social Media in the Library Seats are still available! Tuesday, 6-26 2:00pm–3:15pm Featuring: Lisa Perez, Chicago Public School Dept of Libraries with Jason Epstein, Steve Hargadon, Joquetta Johnson, Tiffany Whitehead and Maureen Sanders-Brunner. Join Steve Hargadon and leading librarians to discuss how social media can greatly expand learning and research opportunities for students in the library. For more information check out the SIGMS Forum Wiki!

It's Game Show Time with Prizes!

I'm also super excited for our huge all-star studded panel presentation - Hollywood Squares: A Brain-Bending Game Show Wednesday, 6-27 from 1:15pm–2:15pm
Featuring: Joyce Valenza, School District of Springfield Township with Steven Anderson, Adam Bellow, Steve Dembo, Timothy Gwynn, Joquetta Johnson, Gwyneth Jones, Michelle Luhtala, Shannon Miller, Nicholas Provenzano, Marie Slim, Kari Stubbs, Tiffany Whitehead and Matthew Winner! Our session Wikipage. Think research is dry? Not so! Test your knowledge of current ed tech research on digital culture and learning against our brain-trust of "celebrities" Hollywood Squares-style. PRIZES! We've all put on our Swag-Mining helmets & begged our generous vendor friends for fabulous prizes to give out during the event! Flocabulary subscriptions & classroom packs, LiveScribe pens, BrainPop goodies, and MORE!

Let's Play in the Playgrounds!

SIGMS Playground
I definitely plan on dropping by & sharing a bit at the SIGMS Digital Age Media Center Monday, 6-25 from 8:00am–4:00pm Connect with school librarians and teachers while learning about innovative technologies and resources that support student development of information literacy skills. Hosted by ISTE's SIGMS.

SIGVE Playground
I also plan to stop by & hang out in the SIGVE Virtual Environments Playground Monday, 6-25 from 8:00am–4:00pm Explore the powerful learning possibilities of virtual environments. Hosted by ISTE's SIGVE. Every year they make a special Second Life Badge - I really hope they do it again this year! If not, I'll bring my own from last year! :-)

I'm a Social Butterfly! And So Can You!

Brazenly snipped from Bill Selak's blogpost The Best Part of #iste12 :
"The best part of ISTE this year won’t be the keynote. It won’t be the epic presentations. It won’t be the #EduAwesome Ed Tech Karaoke party. No. The best part will be the Social Butterfly Lounge.

This is our chance to branch out, to show other educators how transformative social media can be. And then we will get more educators excited about connecting with social media.

We need volunteers to help run this lounge. Sign up here on the Google Doc. We need to fill forty time slots (30-minutes) on:

Sunday: 3:30-5 pm; 7-8 pm (during the Opening Reception)
Monday-Tuesday: 9 am-3 pm
Wednesdsay: 9 am-1:30 pm

If you sign up, you will get a free t-shirt, which has been #EduAwesome-certified. And please, share this with other educators who love social media." --social butterfly graphic by Bill Selak

I'm gonna be there Tuesday at 11am! Drop by & we can chat about Twitter, dogs, coffee, New York, no big whoop!

The ISTE Newbie Project - Let's Send Jerry to San Diego! - Pay it Forward! UPDATE! We did it! YAY!
Jerry Blumengarten aka Cybraryman1 has been a constant inspiration, a generous PLN leader, and a shameless sharer of information for me for years! If you're not following him I encourage you to do so! He rocks! But sadly, he's never been to the big ISTE conference! Well, that may all about to be changed because @BethStill has named him the ISTE12 Newbie Project well-deserving recipient this year and we have raised 75% of the goal in only 15 or so days! Can we get there? As Beth says, "Please thank Jerry for all he has done by making a donation to get him to San Diego. It will not take long to reach the goal of $2000 if a lot of us give just a little." I've donated, just a few dollars can add up quick!
Now that he's going - of course Jerry made a page for it! Of course!! The amazing all things page!

A Pause for Thanks. To You.
I can't believe now...a mere five years later from my first ISTE conference the aforementioned Atlanta 07-- I'm sitting on the ISTE Board of Directors! What the what? Pinch me! Speaking of that...I'd like to pause for thanks.
Without sounding like some kind of smarmy inside the beltway politician but still with heartfelt sincerity, I would like to thank each and everyone who voted for me to serve YOU on the ISTE Board of Directors for two more years as the PK-12 Schools Representative. I'm humbled, honored, and excited to be your dangerously unfiltered voice and advocate in the board room. Never forgetting the "in the trenches" school-based educators teaching and making a difference every day with our kids!

Go Mobile!

Now more than ever we can keep in touch with our PLN & association with the ISTE Mobile App! Stay in touch with ISTE when you're on the go! Have an iPhone? Download the Beta version of ISTE’s new iPhone application by clicking here or searching for “ISTE Mobile” in the iTunes App Store. Have another web-ready smartphone? Bookmark and browse our mobile website.

What presentation or event are YOU most looking forward to at ISTE this year?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear Queer Teen - It Get's Better!

Hi! My name is Gwyneth and I was a Gleek in high school. Though there was no name for that, then. It was the 80's and I was an alternative / new wave / hardcore punk rock chick with short spiky red & dyed black hair who had a part-time job at Kemp Mill Records (!), wearing skinny vintage men's ties & round band buttons & who hung out with the other freaks behind the high school on the theater loading dock. There's nothing that said bad-ass in 1983 like a black leather Members Only jacket adorned with safety pins. BwaHaHa! Was I teased? You Bet!...Bullied? Hmm, occasionally. Though snarky charm has always been my armor. Sometimes tough as iron and sometimes tissue thin. (Pssst! Keep reading for my first FREE BOOK Giveaway!) Having lots of friends in studio art, music-theater & punk rock scene, I had lots of LGBT & geeky friends who were reeeeally bullied. And it sucked! I also had friends later in the 80's who died of AIDS and have recently suffered the lose of a former beloved student, a 9th grader who took his own life allegedly due to bullying about his sexual identity. Why all this TMI flashback? Because though a lot has changed since I was in high school in the 80's we still haven't evolved enough! don't have to be gay yourself to be empathetic. Please Note: I don't consider Glee a "gay-centric" show -- it's an amazing show that teaches tolerances of ALL of our differences! I wish we had Glee on TV when I was in high school - I woulda gladly traded Three's Company for it! And I think it could have changed the world - about 20 years earlier!
We MUST start and keep talking about bullying, LGBT rights, and the freedom to be an individual in our schools. The It Get's Better campaign is an amazing resource for helping introduce this topic to teens, through videos from celebrities (both gay & straight) real people of ALL AGES, a help section, and a very inspiring It Get's Better Blog. When should we teach tolerance of race, religion, character, and sexual identity? I think from birth! But definitely in school!
The Letter Q
Q is for Queer and this is a newly published resource in the arsenal for combating the cruelty of bullying and to give hope to vulnerable LGBT teens. One suited & rated for the high school library. From the publisher:
"In this anthology, sixty-four award-winning authors and illustrators such as Michael Cunningham, Amy Bloom, Jacqueline Woodson, Terrence McNally, Gregory Maguire, David Levithan, and Armistead Maupin, make imaginative journeys into their pasts, telling their younger selves what they would have liked to know then about their lives as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people.
Through stories, in pictures, with bracing honesty, these are words of love, messages of understanding, reasons to hold on for the better future ahead. They will tell you things about your favorite authors that you never knew before. And they will tell you about yourself."

You don't have to be gay or queer to appreciate this touching, amusing, illustrative, and poignant book written for teens by writers writing to their own teen selves. If you're an educator or school librarian then this is an approachable and insightful anthology to hand over with a warm encouraging smile to gay or questioning teens. A must have for any high school library.

We all need to work with our kids, teachers, counselors, parents, & the community to show that we won't accept or tolerate bullying of ANY kind in our schools!

My First Giveaway!
Want to win your own hard copy of this book? Just Comment or Tweet! Win one of 2 hard cover copies donated by the media reps of Scholastic. Shipping included! I'm gonna try this new Rafflecopter widget below I'll choose one best comment and one random Tweet (or best Tweet) and I'm forwarding this info to the publicist who will then send out the book. Please include your email address in the comment and or/ follow me on Twitter if you expect to win - I'll email and or/ DM to get your mailing addresses. If the Rafflecopter thingy doesn't work just pls. leave a comment or Tweet making sure you add @gwynethjones :-) (Raffle is OVER & book has been awarded - thanks to all participants!)
It Gets Better: the Book
"We created the It Gets Better book because not all students have access to YouTube or can reach us online. The book includes essays and new material from more than 100 contributors including celebrities, religious leaders, politicians, parents, educators, youth just out of high school, and many more." --- Ages 18 & up

The Letter Q Booklist Review
The Letter Q
Sends the Younger You a Message
The Letter Q Available on Amazon
The Letter Q on Facebook

Publishers Weekly: In New Anthology, LGBT Authors Speak to Their Younger Selves

View & Embed the Chrome It Gets Better Video on your blog via my Flickr!
Because some schools filter & block YouTube or maybe even the It Get's better site, using I downloaded & then mirrored this video onto my Flickr. Feel free to view, share, watch, and embed it freely! Thank you the It's Gets Better site & Dan Savage!

(PS. I have not been compensated for the giveaway or this post - the topic of LGBT rights & anti- bullying is close to my heart - I don't take suggestions of what to blog about gracefully. In fact this is what I wrote when the publicist contacted me "I don't usually respond to solicited suggestions for my blog content. In fact, they sorta piss me off. Like I can be bought!?? LOL As if! That having been said, this is a topic that any GLEEK feels passionate & strongly about. I can't make any promises but if you send me the book and I think it's worth sharing and if it's positively reviewed by SLJ, Booklist, or LJ then I would be happy to chime in & do a giveaway.)

From my 1983 Eleanor Roosevelt High School Yearbook! Feel free to laugh! ;-)

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Daring Conference Packing Tips & Tricks

Sorry Half of this post contains girlie talk. Here's a post that features Zombies. (anyone who doesn't have a Zombie Survival Plan...I just think is short sighted! Just sayin.) This post features packing tips for conferences. Travel Tech, Clothes, Makeup, Tips, & Tricks. Some might be non-girlie! But most are pretty darn girlie! For the guys let me start with the non-girlie! (Also, don't miss my blog post ISTE12: Let's Go to San Diego!)
Techie Packing Tips
I always pack a powerstrip. Actually, I bring two. One regular lightweight blue (so I can't lose it) power strip and one Belkin powerbar w/2 USB charge docks! Belkin Mini Surge Protector Dual USB Charger. Sometimes hotel rooms need more power! I'm a geek so I have a LOT of electronics. Check out my Gadget-A-Go-Go page for some of my "must have" toys.
Power strips make friends!

If you're in a session room & near a wall with only 2 outlets but you plug in your power strip now people will LOVE you for helping out & providing re-charge potential! Sharing \\FTW!//
Double Up on Your Dongles
If you're a MAC grrl (or guy!) and you're going to be presenting, don't forget your dongle! Your VGA adapter - in fact, it's best to pack two just in case! OR for a friend if they forgot theirs. I'll never forget at EduCon I was loaned a dongle when I needed it most. You know who you are!
Return Your Address
If you're an avid Vendor Viking entering every chance to win FREE cool stuff - make it easier on yourself by bringing return address stickers. I get these in the mail from companies I've donated to $ like the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Public Television, etc. Save them & bring these sheets and just peel & stick! Don't have any? Pick up a box of labels at Staples & make your own!Pump up the Jambox
I love my new blue tooth driven Jambox wireless speakers. They really do fill a good sized room with quality sound & works with my iPad, iPhone (Droid, too!), or MacBook Air. Basically, ANYthing that has blue tooth can connect with it! It's fun to break out at the Blooggers Cafe & rock some tunes like the Beastie Boys Sabotage! (above)
Take a Card!
I don't know about you but my school district doesn't provide business cards for their teachers but that shouldn't stop us from getting our own to pass out at a conference! It's great to have for presentations, Tweetups, Birds of a Feather, & Bloggers Cafe meets! Mini Moo cards make it slick, easy, and affordable because you can get 100 mini cards for only $19.99! I've blogged before but here's an updated:
5 Easy Tips for an Out of this World Mini Moo Card  but Moo also makes it so easy with downloadable templates!

Time & Temp
I adore my Brookstone Travel alarm clock that features indoor temperature & nature sounds for sleeping! For some reason I always like to know just how hot or cold a hotel room is - so if I have to call the front desk or maintenance because I'm too hot I can say with assurance "I'm sorry to complain but, help! It's 84 degrees in here!" I'm something of a weather/temperature geek. I have indoor/ outdoor weather stations on every floor of my house. Don't judge.
Release That Wrinkle
I always bring with me a travel bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release. Works like a dream! Freshens clothes & removes the wrinkles! Lay item on bed, spray, smooth out with hands or hang in a steamy shower whilst you're taking a shower! Check out the travel size aisle in your local T'Arget or grocery store & Refill w/ Amazon Prime!
I'm Your Biggest Fan!
I like a fan, the sound, & moving air to sleep. So, I call ahead to the hotel to see if they have portable or box fans for guests to borrow (a LOT of hotels do!) If they don't and I have room in my suitcase, then I bring my battery operated camp fan! It takes 2 D batteries and they last quite a long time. This little guy is a reliable leftover from my historic re-enactment Pennsic days!
I LOVE Your Mug!
In the above picture you can see my Google swag addiction showing with my red travel mug. I always bring a travel mug. It's great - it has saved my life, and it's GREEN! I give the amazing barista my double skinny late no foam order I hand her my mug & forgo the paper cup! I also buy at the airport one sport bottle of spring water for the flight then I constantly refill it & recycle it before I fly home! I know I can bring one of those alluminium water bottles but when choosing what to pack - space wise, between my coffee mug & a bottle of water - COFFEE always wins!
Geeks Need Fuel!
I blogged after the ISTE10 conference in Denver that I about perished after running on cheese cubes & grapes. What saved me? A room service steak = protein! And though I could use to miss a meal or two -it's not smart to pass out because you don't fuel up! So, now I bring a box of Fiber One powerbars - they're delish and will tide you through to your next meal. Make time to eat but eat healthy, drink lots of water, & get to bed early - I'm notoriously in bed by 9:30 every night! I'm great from 4-7...but then I really need my down time. More on how to navigate your first conference below with the Jesse Dee slidedeck.

Clever Hotel Tips
Get the best room! When you check in - smile warmly & genuinely and greet the front desk clerk and say how happy you are to be there...look around and admire the property. I can always find something nice to say about a lobby or the property. I usually joke that though I'm there for a conference this is my vacation (and it always is!) as a teacher I'm so excited to be here! (and I am!) As they're checking you in you can confirm the kind of room you requested "I requested a high floor king room with a view please near the elevator - any chance for that today? unless of course you feel compelled to upgrade me to a club level sky suite! LOL [insert cute wry grin] " This doesn't ALWAYS work, of course...but it can't hurt and I've had some pretty AWEsome rooms just by being friendly & charming.
Don't Get Lost! Sometimes when I get off an elevator I'm lost already...two ways to go...sometimes four! Here's my SNEAKY TIP... the side of the hallway where my room can be found I take an eye or lip pencil and make a small dot or smudge pointing the way. In a hallway with acres of doors that look all alike I also put a dot or smudge by MY door. Get off the elevator, look left, right, find dot, head in that direction... Smooth! I always wipe off the dot as I roll out to leave.

I am NOT a Germaphobe!'s not a bad idea to have a few wet ones antibacterial wipes with you. I saw this 20/20 or Dateline special once that said that the most germy things in your hotel room are your Remote Control & your light switches. I always clean those off, strip the bed of the comforter (unless it's a sheet covered duvet) and use the water glass for my makeup pencils. More about makeup below!
Clothing - What to Pack
Pick a Colour
Of course, let me preface that all this is just my humble opinion and your mileage may vary. That having been said, when I'm traveling I try & pick a main colour scheme. Bringing 4 pairs of shoes and more than 2 purses is a pain. Either black or brown are favourites you can't go wrong with black, doesn't show dirt, wrinkles and always looks chic. Pops of bright colours with accessories is fun. In cooler months I have a lovely lime green cashmere wrap that comes in handy & can be used as a blanket on the plane, too! (I also have 2 black & 1 grey cashmere wraps) Heck, even in the summer it's handy to have a lightweight wrap or pashmina for evening & chilly conference rooms. I'm a big fan of cashmere when traveling. So soft, so comfy, and always lovely. Even have a few 100% cashmere sweater & pants sets from the Bloomies Sutton Studio line - I found great prices & FREE Shipping on AxelUSA on eBay. I've bought many pieces from this store for myself & gifts and have never been disappointed. There's nothing as luxurious as being draped in cashmere from head to it's better than George Costanza wanting to be draped in Velvet! Just sayin. It's also important to pack comfy lounging clothes & wooly socks to wear in my hotel room.  
Tote Me!

Having a large tote is a good thing! Sometimes you just want to carry only one thing and it helps if you can pop your stuff into a tote and go! One of my fav Coach totes above an hold my laptop and my iPad! For the guys or sporty gals - a backpack works great, too!
UPDATE: I just bought a Coach Baby Bag! Yes..though I'm baby-free-by-choice, this bag is great for laptops & traveling! A gajillion pockets, easy clean interior, & patent leather tough! You can see the scale as it sits next to my baby iPads.
Silk & Chiffon
Because conference rooms are notoriously hot & stuffy (or freezing cold!) I like to dress in layers. A tank top, chiffon or silk shirt & a cardy! To save space in my suitcase I have a growing collection of chiffon & silk shirts. They can be rolled up small and wrinkles hang out fast and with a versatile black wrap cardigan layered over it you're set day to night in all kinds of climates! (Downy wrinkle release spray is the BEST! Pick it up in the samples aisle in Target!)
It's Blingtastic!

JewelryThough I am loathe to travel with some of my best pieces life is too short to be constantly fearful. So, I pick a metal (silver or platinum or yellow gold) and I always bring my 100" pearl necklace. Pearls go with everything and also take you day-night. For day I wrap the necklace 4X and at night I'll sometimes wear it doubled and long. Use your room safe! (if you have one) I believe in the innate goodness of people but why tempt fate? I have, admittedly, jewelry addictions.
Dirty Diamonds Don't Sparkle as my dear Auntie Lynn always says! She's my jewelry & diamond sensai. So, if you like your jewelry to be sparkly & that matters to you - having a travel jewelry cleaner is a good thing! I use HOT water and a few cap fulls of mouthwash to use as a cleaner. (At home I use amonia, water, and a few drops of Dawn dish washing liquid) of Just be careful it doesn't vibrate & scoot off your bathroom sink. Wrap a towel around it. Yeah...lesson learned!
Travel Comfy
It's good to have some comfy clothes to lounge around it. I always pack a few casual T-shirts (incl. my lucky soft tie-dye Google shirt from 2004!) a pair of flannel lounge pants & long sleeved soft thermal shirt and always a hoodie! LOVE ME A HOODIE! (Hey Vendors, wanna get my attention, give me a geeky hoodie!) Heh heh shameless. Some mornings I like to travel down to the hotel lobby sans makeup & in to get a Starbucks of coffee before getting all dressed up fancy. Of course I always bring my slippers & woolly comfy socks. I'm a sybaritic chick.
Let's Make Up

Traveling War Paint

I love me some makeup! Sephora & Ulta would go out of business if I went Amish. There are a few great combination kits out there that travel beautifully. My favourite you can't buy in the store anymore but you can get it on eBay! French & Fabulous from Too Faced! My other favourite is also from Too Faced called Natural Eye available for $36 on Ulta or Sephora. It has lovely neutral (& sparkly!) colours all in one handy box! It's an all-inclusive kit that includes nine essential shadows for all-over lid color, highlighting, smudging, and more. And it's gorgeous! I have two unopened on reserve - just in case!  I also, as mentioned above, use a water glass in the bathroom to store my Tarte Amazonian eye pencils... I also bring a 10X travel make up mirror. Don't judge! LOL
(Photo from AASL07 Reno)
Hydrate Your Skin!
Estee Lauder makes a great face wash called Soft Clean. It seems when one travels the planes, hotel & conference rooms are pretty drying. Even though I usually use Purity face wash by Philosophy when traveling this is much more moisturizing. I first got it in a free gift with purchase then went to eBay (again!) for a box of 12 travel size tubes. It's AWEsome! I also bring makeup remover wipes, I like Ponds - sometimes if you come home late (and I really don't! cause I try & go to bed by 9:30!) it's nice to just wipe off your makeup. But whatever kind of makeup remover you use, don't forget to bring moisturizer!
Cush Your Tush!

Finally, life is too short for cheap TP. If I have room I bring one roll of Charmin Extra Soft. Yeah, I went there. The above is my suitcase from NECC09 --I don't even know why I took that pic - I hadn't even started this blog yet! .....FATE? Also....
ZIP LOCK BAGS! Bring at least 3!

What are YOUR favourite travel tips? What did I miss? I invite you to comment & help us all get organized! Cheers!

Finally, from my social media muse the amazing Jesse Dee!
Conference Coma
View more presentations from Jesse Desjardins - @jessedee

Photo Techie Tip!

Thanks to one of my new Tweeps, afensch26 of the Girls in the Stacks blog, I learned about PicMonkey & used it for some of the pics in this post! It's a really powerful & easy to use FREE photo editing & pimpin site! And though I'm pretty scared of monkeys (and clowns & muppets!) it pretty much amazing!

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QR Code Quest Scavenger Hunt- Part Deux!

I updated & improved my QR Code Quest Scavenger Hunt lesson I previously blogged about this year & used it again with my AWEsome ESOL kids & 6th graders. I wanted to share those changes with you because it seems as if you like QR codes! Of my top 5 most viewed blog posts 3 have to do with QR codes (and yes, you know I'm barmy for 'em!) In fact, the first posting about this lesson has had, as of today, 17+K hits! WOWIE!

Improved worksheet and graphic clues!
I found that I needed to make the scavenger hunt questions simpler & the clues more graphic. (click photo at left to see a larger size) In doing so, I also had the chance to (finally!) make an avatar for my long time (20 years!) long suffering angel of an assistant Mrs. Black! After I created it on Go!Animate Character Creator (Comic World) I then Photoshopped it adding the University of Maryland Terps logo onto her cute red t-shirt because she's a U of M alum & a super fan!
This lesson I'm sharing is easily modified and is an example of how you can use mobile media in your school, classroom, or library. I can easily see how you could adapt this to say a SCIENCE! class, math class, or just about any subject area! The QR codes are included in the last pages of the lesson so you can see how they work. Also, don't forget my favourite FREE & platform friendly QR Code reader is inigma.

To do this lesson, students use the two iPod touch (Gen4) from Amazon (LOVE Prime!) I bought for the Library, my iPhone, their teachers phone, their own smart phones (with permission!) and share in small groups. Really, you only need like 4-6 devices to make this lesson work.. As of yet, I don't have any tablets in my library - my district moves slowly when it comes to change. But I'm ready & I'm NOT waiting for much longer! 
HOW TO: To make the direct link from the image to QR code is this: go to your desired image: Control Click (or right click on a PC) on the Flickr Image you want to link to & choose VIEW IMAGE - now that the image has been isolated > GRAB the URL in the browser bar! USE THAT URL for the QR Code!
Take it to or Google URL shortener & create your QR Code! Voila!
Download the new QR Code Quest Scavenger hunt lesson & worksheets by clicking the lesson header below to get to the Lesson Wikipage below!

Qr code quest_table
View more documents from gwyneth jones

QR Voice adds a super neat new addition to the QR TEXT message. Just make sure the kids have the sound up on their mobile devices OR BETTER YET... next to the QR code station have a pair of computer speakers (or headphones if you fear the ruckus) that kids can plug into so the QR voice message can be clearly heard. I also created a new graphic to go with Question 9 and got to include our fuzzy friends the Angry Birds! Learning where the important physical parts of our library was the main objective for this lesson, as well as introducing library vocabulary words. I wanted to be able to teach new kids, 6th graders, and my ESOL kids to locate our circulation desk, return book drop, reference & encyclopedias, and our magazines. We don't really have a LOT of magazines anymore sadly. Especially since our favourite and most popular magazine Shonin Jump has ceased printing a hard copy. Our most popular magazines are Twist, Teen Vogue, & of course Sports Illustrated. Because Twist is so popular & girls fight over it we keep it behind the desk & have this laminated sheet in it's place. Forgive me the snarky commentary about Kristen Stewart, I can't stand that sulky Kristen Stewart chick.
At the end of the class when we had some time left over I handed over my iPad & we played Angry Birds & Plants vs. Zombies together!

A few last QR tips
Unless you're making a QR Text message using Kaywa using a URL shortener like my favourite makes for a prettier & easier to scan code.

UPDATE! (8-12) Bitly has changed their website, the QR code is buried here - Click the tiny QR Code by the arrow! New look - Same SEXY aggregated data! Click image below to see larger version.

And when you click Info Page+ on Bitly for the same shortened URL or QR code you'll get about 2 years of aggregated data! When it was scanned or clicked, from where, and which country! Is it me or is that HAWT!? (yes, I wrote hawt, kill me now)
For the pictures of my AWESOME kids doing this activity. We had a visitor to our class that day, an ESOL instructional specialist from my district board - so that's the guy in the background with the camera. Photos are by him and my awesome partner in teaching Mrs. Linda Potsiadlo our AMAZING ESOL teacher. I mean, this chick rocks & I love working with her!

Still have questions? Read the original post QR Code Quest Scavenger Hunt & Wikipage!

For those of you new to my blog here's my two comic tutorials on QR Codes. Click the image to get a variety of sizes for download.

Want to know how I make these lovely Comic Infographics? Well, of course I've blogged about it! Creating a Comic Life! Naturally, it's Creative Commons!
For Chuckles!

For all that my kids LOVE QR Codes, mobile media, & tech -- they GO CRAZY for Scratch N Sniff bookmarks from Highsmith!


And a final PSA from my dear friend & super fan, Miss Critter Sharpe!

Follow her on Twitter: @CritterShapre


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