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Harry & Ginny True Love 4Evah!

I am a longtime Harry Potter fan and the recent news that JK Rowling thought maybe Harry and Hermione should have ended up together has me in a bit of a FANGIRL trailspin of

What the What!? Nooooooo!  

Here's the comment I plastered around almost everywhere I can (don't judge me!) LOL

No way would Hermione have made Harry happy or vice versa! She's way too prickly, stubborn, cranky, (as his he!) and they would have snipped at  each other until a divorce would be the only answer. Jenny is sweet enough (but not saccharine)  to put up with Harry PLUS she's magically strong enough to earn his respect.  AND by marrying her he's now part of the Weasley family - which he always wanted to be, and I think is perfect!

I have wondered who, if anyone, was Hermione's
intellectual equal - what other cool brainy boy was there at Hogwarts?

Hmm? Not Neville though he turned out to be awesomely brave! Someone who would earn her respect and not let her trample over him. I'm at a loss! And Viktor was nice, talented, strong, brave, but really not intellectual enough, IMHO.

I obviously am a HPFan and have thought of this WAY too much! LOL But then again, I AM a school librarian -[preens] so it's like my JOB to do it! [nod nod] yeah, that's right!
The Daring Librarian (.com!)

What do YOU think? I'd LOVE to hear your opinions & thoughts in the comments!
Harry Potter and the Tearful Farewell - 

a selfie of my happy/sad eyes red, puffy, & with all the makeup cried off after watching the last Harry Potter movie.

"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are far more than our abilities"
- Dumbledore pg. 333 Chamber of Secrets

Back in 1999 I joined the Unofficial Harry Potter Fan Club started by interweb fan fiction pioneer "Jenna" (never found out her last name) and created a special bulletin board display with pages I printed (in colour!) from the website! Of course with art attributions!

In defense of JK Rowling for leaking these HP second thoughts or revelations. Why not? I go back and edit my blog ALL THE TIME! I fix and tweak my graphics designs twice as much! She's an author - she wrote it, she can re-write it, she can muse and re-consider and share! It does not dramatically change how I feel about the awesome source material, the books, or the HP world! The Twitter and fandom backlash about this is just plain silly!


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I'm not the only who has this opinion!  Read this essay with book notes from The Leaky Cauldron:  Why Harry Picked Ginny, Rather Than Hermione, As A Romantic Partner An Analysis of Sexual Attraction and Humour By Gowdie

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  1. I don't understand all the "Ron-hate" on the Internet. You make a good point, Gwyneth, about why Hermione wouldn't be happy with Harry (and why Harry wouldn't be happy with Hermione), but there are good reasons why Hermione and Ron can have a happily ever after. What irks me is the second-guessing at a book that was already written by the author, with plenty of evidence throughout the series to point to this particular conclusion. It's like someone's wearing the Horcrux and seeing Ron's nightmare about Harry & Hermione together and thinking, "yes Ron, let's make this a reality". Average is okay. Someone who isn't excessively brilliant or brave or beautiful can end up with someone who might be and suggesting that only the best should end up with the best sounds like a poor take-away lesson to learn.

  2. My daughter and I agree, Ginny all the way! Harry and Hermione are just as life-long friends as Harry and Ron.

  3. I have to say that I agree with you. Because of Hermione's anal retentive character, it would take someone with a laid back personality like Ron who could put up with her for the long haul. I think Ron would like someone to organize his life because, you know, he had an important Quiddich match to watch.

  4. Along with the truth that Harry and Hermione wouldn't get on well together, it also would have been far too obvious for them to end up married. Harry is the main character. Hermione is the leading female throughout the series. If J.K. Rowling wanted the series to end like every other series, with the two together, it wouldn't have been as interesting an ending. I think that a lot of people are thinking they should have been together simply because we know the most about those two characters compared to Ron and Ginny, who, even though we know them, it is not nearly as much as Harry and Hermione.

  5. Great comments, everyone! I don't know what to think except I agree with you all! I'd still like to date the ginger Weasley Twins! Is that so wrong?

  6. Hey Gwyneth,
    I completely agree with this post. As a long-time fan of the Harry Potter series, Rowling's comment on her resentment on having Ron and Hermione together was absurd. Putting the main hero of the series, Harry Potter, a shy, sort of awkward boy with the main female lead, Hermione, a loud and incredibly brilliant girl would have been redundant. Rowling was aiming to create an original book series, something that was different than all other series to that date, and by not putting Harry with Hermione, she accomplished that. I don't understand why Rowling would even go ahead and say something like this, after millions of fans have fallen in love with the individual pairings of Ginny and Harry, and Ron and Hermione. Its not that Harry would not have been good for Hermione- their cleverness would have been pretty amazing together, but they would have seemed too good to be true. Having Ron and Hermione end up together is a way to tell readers that people are not perfect, and the most important thing to keep in mind when being with someone is accepting all of their flaws, and recognizing that the person we believe to not be perfect can be pretty perfect



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