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Sunday, May 18, 2014

What's YOUR Twitter Formula?

Twitter: Professional or Personal?
When I speak to groups, I often talk about how I use Twitter as my main source of rich professional development and as a transformational PLN builder (Personal Learning Network).
I don't use Facebook personally or professionally at all. If you've been reading my blog or follow me on Twitter you know that we broke up a few years ago.  Read Dear Facebook, We Need to Talk.

I think every Twitter user has some kind of  formula for their Tweets. For me, (and this SO not scientific though I did have to get my calculator out!)  I Tweet 82% ed tech & library, lesson ideas, curation and content building, being a shameless sharer and giving back to my community. I want to give more than I take. I try not to Tweet in an echo chamber.    8% pop culture - Doctor Who, Real Housewives, Sherlock, etc, 4% personal - the random and oft times inarticulate sophomoric thoughts going through me heid, my travels, Oh and weird dreams.
Don't be a Funpire!
I'm gonna linger here for a min and get on my soapbox. If you use Twitter to vent, moan, and complain about every little thing that sucks in your job or your in your life, if you focus on the toxic rather than the transformative - I doubt you will get many followers. And certainly not me. What is a Funpire? Someone who sucks the fun out of any occasion, Tweet, or situation!  In my real (and online) life, I distance myself from toxic people.  I like to think that I am an annoyingly optimistic person by nature, and though every one has a need to kvetch now and then, it does little good and really, no one wants to hear it. This goes for the staff lunch room, too! Don't be THAT teacher. Don't join in on the moaning brigade - just like bullying - you can do something. You can say "Hey, but you know at the end of the day we have the BEST job in the world, what are you doing this spring break, summer, or next snow day?"
I vent to my friends over a pint in real life and keep it off the Interwebs. This way your parents, principal, or administrator can't see it!  
Don't Tweet yourself out of a job!
Skim quickly through your Tweets - see how many are sharing good info, encouraging another educator, positive, or how many are just whining or whinging. Human nature, perhaps, but not inspiring. Also, if you want to use Twitter as a professional platform, this is perhaps not the place where you Tweet over and over and at length about your children and their every cute thing or their poops, please keep that for the mommy chat on Facebook.  There...[hops off soapbox] I know that's gonna be unpopular but that's my opinion.
Geekery & Zombies, Oh My! 

5% of my Tweets are Geekery - gadgets, new techie toys, memes, tropes, and geeky stuff. There's a long time Geek inside me - I've been a member of the SCA, many time periods of Historic Re-enactment, I've gone to Pennsic, I've hand-sewed garb, I lived a Steampunk Virtual Victorian Second Life, I've even.....yes..I'll say it - I've LARPED! There, it's out.  Hi! My name is Gwyneth and I'm a Geek.  

1% of my Tweets - Zombies! Of course if you add that to my Pop Culture & The Walking Dead...well, that's like 9%? Look! If you've not prepared for the ZA (the Zombie Apocalypse) then you're just taking a big chance! Prepare! I'm heading north west - maybe West Virginia - find myself a high mountain with a spring fed stream and a good vantage point. I have a 6 foot hand forged Iron Age copper spear - I need to get a machete and a bug out bag - with my bad knee I don't know how long I'll last but I know what to do....and what NOT to do. Have I thought about this way too much? Maybe - or maybe you've thought about it way too little! [grins and winks] Ya never know!

Twitter is a Conversation. 
Now, this is again my opinion - but I consider Twitter as a conversation. Some people do just Tweet OUT to the world.
@GuyKawasaki is one of them, and he's AMAZING! My friend & mentor the astoundingly smart and generous Dr. Joyce Valenza is another. She rarely banters back and forth on Twitter - that's just not her style. She does provide thousands of curated and selected resources for educational practice and growth in her Tweets. And that's, OK! Heck, that's Brilliant. But for me Twitter is a conversation.  I do try and answer questions (but do Google first, please!) and I try and pitch in with brainstorming and I try to stay human. Imperfect. Snarky. Sophomoric.  But you know, that's OK, too!

What's YOUR Twitter Formula?

I'm working on a long term blogging project, a Slideshare preso about Twitter - it may be a while in coming - but I thought I would release a part of it here and there as I go along - to get your feedback!
Thank you for your awesome thoughts & opinions! If I use your additions I promise to use attribution! Cheers!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, & Zombies

It's that time of year again! Time to beg, cajole, tease, torture (audibly), and plead to get our Library Media materials back. With 27% of our students on free & reduced lunch I know that we have a large group of kids that probably can't pay for their lost books...and I've made peace with the fact that I'm never gonna get ALL my books, digital playaways, & CD's back. I shoot for a loss of 30 a year. Sometimes it's more - sometimes it's less. And, That's OK! That's the cost of doing business. Some of my kids might not return a book because they LOVE it and they can't buy it to keep for their personal libraries. So, if that could possibly EVER be the case I only push so far.
BUT... I do everything I can to get those materials back because though I'm understanding, I'm still trying to teach responsibility, respect for property, and accountability! That's why I have lots of creative ways to get our books back. And yes, I also make 80 or so phone calls every year - to every number I have of moms, dads, aunties, grandmas, whoever is our primary caretaker to get that super hero help from our awesome grownups - some of whom don't even know that their kid has an overdue book! Muuwaaa! I'm gonna share the videos & Blabberize animations that we've made for this time of year for the last few years. The above video was mad with Blabberize with Guest Zombie voice of 6th grader the Cool Master Z Ricky! Funny how these videos are also a snapshot of pop culture - what's funny, hip, groanworthy, despised, or basic fodder for parody a the time - therefore their shelf life may vary! PS. Zombies Are ALWAYS in Style! (see end of post for more brains!)

Last year we focused on our buddy Justin Bieber...and funny, one of my classroom teachers complained to my principal that they thought the video defamed Canada! What the what!? I LOVE CANADA! (esp. my Saskatoon peeps! Holla!) You can ask anyone aboot that! ;-)

Twilight's Bella & Edward have also been the object of our parody! Which I blogged about more last year and about how Bella is a typical MARY SUE trope fan fiction wannabe!

And in 2003 a very talented special group of MHMS filmakers Inuksuk Studios & I created this iMovie video called Bookfellas. We wrote the script thinking about of course Goodfellas and we were inspired by the music of a certain Guy Ritchie film. The quality is so, so,...a little jerky..but still the AWEsome comes through! That's their graduation pic in 2007 -- I'm still so proud of these kids & they even come back & visit!!
PS. Inuksuk is a "stone landmark or cairn built by humans, used by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America." Where did they come up with it? It was a nonfiction book on display in the library that was near their editing Macintosh. It also sounds funny.. as in heh heh "you said suk" heh heh. You know I'll NEVER be able to weed that book! I know, right!?
Video Hosting
I load my videos of course on my YouTube channel, but because the YouTubes is blocked in my school and if they're under 90 seconds I host them on the Flickrs, and if they're longer I also upload them on TeacherTube. But honestly? Embedding on TeacherTube has been sketchy lately for example, it seems like every video I've ever loaded there- even years ago are only a month old! WTHeck? Also irksome about TT is that Vids I've put on my wiki from TT can't be played sometimes. Sheesh. Annoying. Always fighting the filter and dodging the locked net monster, ninja's good to have the same vid in lots of different places! ZAP! Where do YOU host your videos? I'd love to hear from you in the comments with other video hosting suggestions! Thanks!
Want to learn how to Blabberize? Check out my earlier post with Comic Tutorial and Wikipage!
Search This Blog for Directions
Oh and darlings? Not to sound irksome myself...can I make a request? Before emailing or tweeting me asking for directions on how I do some of the stuffs I do (like Blabberize) can you please search this blog first? I don't wanna be repetitive and re-post directions & comic tutorials over and over. How meh-worthy would THAT be, right?

And though it's not Halloween yet...It's ALWAYS a good idea to be prepared for the oncoming Zombie horde! Of course I have a Zombie Survival plan....don't you!?

Photo credits:
Rebecca: Screenshot from Video
Zombie & Zombie Puppet:

Friday, October 29, 2010

EduTecher's Help Change the World,
Free Rice, and Zombies!

At ISTE10 Denver I met a LOT of great people... one of them was ISTE Emerging Leader and EduTecher Adam Bellow. Funny story, I was hanging out in the Butterfly Lounge with Joquetta Johnson waiting to hook up with Joyce Valenza & the Geek Tribe when I got to talking to this guy there - Adam Bellow. Turns out I'd already been visiting his EduTecher site for a while (Ok, I'm really bad with names!) and was thrilled to meet him F2F! Now I call him a friend and part of my PLN here and on Twitter!
This new easy to participate crowdsourcing charity project of his is amazing! You don't donate money, you just click. (similar to ....The EducTecher site isn't commercial...its' a FREE site that gives awesome tech tips and classroom & library resources. Learn more about how you can Change the World with just one click and get involved - by clicking the logo above. I also modded the badge to fit my blogger sidebar, grab it if you like for your own widget!

NomNom Addictive FREE Rice!
What is you may ask? Easy addictive educational vocabulary game that kids get a kick out of after they finish their work in the computer lab ......OR
It's a non-profit website that donates 10 grains of rice for every answer right they get to the World Food Programme (and they're legit!). Their partner is the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.
FreeRice has two goals:
  • Provide education to everyone for free.
  • Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.
Still hungry? How about some BRAINS?!
Occasionally I will get unsolicited email me to blog about a certain product or site. Now, being the lazy languorous piratical lady that I am you would think I would jump on such fodder. But no, dear reader! I am also oppositional defiant & take my blogging responsibilities seriously. But then sometimes the stuff I get is pretty interesting and cool and after due investigation - it's worth a mention.
Thus I bring you the "Zombies in the Library". "In 12 beautifully rendered scenes the calendar covers such topics as the role of the Zombie in reference, the frustrations faced when the Undead hog the photocopier, and for cataloguers, poses the eternal question: 299.675 or 398.21?"

This delightfully cerebral (heh heh, get it? Brains!?) and messy calendar is brought to you by the "South Australian Library & Information Network (SALIN) Committee. We're a grass-roots, unaffiliated group which creates networking and professional development opportunities for people in the Library sector in South Australia (especially for newer graduates)."

Now being a Zombie fan and having a very well-thought out and prepared Zombie Emergency Plan (and also the proud owner of both the Zombie Survival Handbook & World War Z) I just couldn't help but snicker at this bloody great calendar!

Love those Australians! ....Hey! Someone invite me to speak over there...I'd love to visit and see your lovely country! I'm sure some of my Welsh ancestors can be traced there, for reals! /shamelessselfpromotion


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